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Star City Casino RESOLVED

Original Gripe

I took my car to Star City Casino for parking this morning, by inserting my silver member card into the parking machine for free parking.

When I took my car out of the parking this evening by inserting my silver member card (which allows free parking) into the ticket machine for exit. At that time the ticket machine kept showing an error message advising that I had to pay $41 before exiting.

We pressed the help button at the exit ticket machine and were told that we had to pay $41 because my silver card had been down graded to a blue card (entry level) and therefore no free parking.

Even though there were cars lining up behind us waiting for exit, we were requested that we had to go to see the Host Desk and pay the parking fee of $41.

We asked the Help desk operator to waive the parking fee for this time due to the above situation and that I had never been told my membership was down-graded, even this morning when I used my silver card to get into the parking. The Help Desk Operator advised that if she let us out this time, we would have to pay $600 next time we go into the parking <– whatever that means?!

We had a lovely day and night at the Star City Casino until this evening which was spoilt badly by the mis-management of Star City due to the following:

1) My membership car was still at “silver” level this morning when I used my silver card to get into the carpark.

2) When we went up to the Host Desk at the Casino, I asked the staff for the exact time and date I was down graded to a Blue level and why I have not been notified.

The staff could not or would not tell me this information even though I kept asking a number of times. All he was trying to tell me was that the level of credit points I required to maintain to be on the Silver level. He gave me a free parking voucher eventually but I believe he took 10 credits points out of my card to give me that free parking voucher. I have not heard him saying “sorry” during the whole conversation description the above situation. All he said was it was not his fault.

3) The staff could not tell me why I was downgraded to Blue level and when was I downgraded.

4) All they explain to me was that Silver level will need to have so many credit points and I did not have enough credit points to be a Silver member anymore.

5) I then worked out that because I had 4620 credit points accumulated on my card before I went to the Host Desk at about 6pm to redeem 3000 points for a $30 food voucher from my accumulated credits, without knowing that this would put my membership level back to “Blue” membership. The extra $30 voucher was to enable my daughter to have a dinner with me at the Star City. But my daughter now felt that it was because of her to have my membership level down graded from Silver to Blue.

6) After 3000 points were redeemed, my membership level was put back to “Blue” level.

7) At the time of redeeming the 3000 points for a $30 voucher (we had to pay $41 parking fee due to this redemption), I would have appreciated the staff at the Host Desk would have brought to my attention that if I redeemed the 3000 points, I would be down graded to a blue member and asked if I still wanted to redeem the $30 voucher.

8) If I have been told and warned about the down grading due to the above redemption for $30 to lose my Silver level, I would not have redeemed my credit points.


What I would like to see is that the senior management of Star City Casino would do something to compensate my inconvenience, embarrassment, anger and disappointment with the Star City Casino are:

1) To give me a letter of apology for their mis-management. They should have let my car out without payment due to the circumstances mentioned above.

2) Resume my membership level from Blue to Silver, I would be happy to pay back the $30 I have redeemed and if I was told about the downgrading at the time of redeeming that voucher I would not have redeemed my credit points anyway.

3) Providing more training to their customer service staff to provide better more informative service to members.

Thank you for your time.

NGE Member: usabiz

Star City's Response

In regards to the complaint of Star City Casino.

Star City VIP Services Manager contacted the patron on 20 December. An apology was extended to the patron for the inconvenience caused when attempting to exit the car park.

It was explained to the patron the membership card was changed to blue due to the criteria for silver membership was not met and not because patron used his points to redeem a voucher. The VIP Services Manager offered two complimentary buffet vouchers and membership to be re-instated to silver. Silver card was issued to patron on 21 December.

Star City places great importance on customer service. We are deeply regretted about this incident. We are currently investigation why patron has not received the letter to inform the change of membership status. Also our VIP Services Manager will review the training program to ensure all staff have sound knowledge on the membership program.

Customer Feedback Co-ordinator
Star City

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Youth Hostels Assoc

NGE Member Danny_b writes:

I'm in the rather late planning stages of organising an overseas trip. Seeing as I am travelling alone, much of my short-term accomodation will be in hostels.

I decided to join the YHA (Youth Hostels Association) seeing as I would most likely be spending more than 13 nights in hostels (where the savings covers the membership fee).

I am leaving relatively soon, and was relieved when I read on their website I would receive the card in approximately 7 days. I put submitted my registration online at 10.30pm on Wednesday, and received my card, and membership kit in the mail today.

The speedy response was brilliant! And the listing of YHA hostels Australia-wide very comprehensive.

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Nestlé Lactogen

NGE Member : bn22182 congratulates Nestle

I recently bought a can of Nestlé Lactogen formula, for my little boy. Upon opening the can I realised that there was no measuring scoop inside. I called the customer service number on the side of the can. Not to complain, but to let them know, in case the whole batch had missed out.

The lady that I spoke to was lovely, and very apologetic. She offered to have a scoop couriered to me for that afternoon, but I said "no that’s ok." My son is 14 months old, and only has 2 bottles a day, so he is getting all of the nutrition from the foods he eats. And the nature of my call was just to let them know about this.

So she put me on hold, and came back to tell me that she had found out exactly how much was in the scoop, so I could measure it as close as possible. Then, she asked for all of my details, incl where I had purchased the can, and my contact details.

At the end of our conversation, she said that she was really sorry, and that reimbursement would come in the mail. I told her there was no need for that, but she said " no, really tha’ts the least we could do!!" So 2 days later I had a bank cheque come in the mail for the value of $20. I had only paid $10.98 for the can, and had told the lady this.

So a HUGE THUMBS UP to Nestlé, and the service representative I spoke to. It's not often people go to the lengths that they did to make customers happy.

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Robert Timms Coffee Bags

I had some trouble with a box of Robert Timms coffee bags where the "tag" was sticking to the bag and causing it to rip and release the coffee granuals into the water.

I emailed their customer service and received a reply the next day requesting the batch number and my address so they could send a replacement box to me.

3 days later I received the replacement, as well as a sample of their other coffee bags.

They certainly turned an annoyance into a positive with the way they sorted this out for me.

NGE Member: Sydboy007

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NGE Member Foopsy writes:

I brought a handbag in Melbourne last July from a Billabong shop.

I’m from Tasmania so when it all started to fall apart I couldn’t return so I contacted billabong in Queensland.

They paid for return of the product. They replaced my handbag with a new much better handbag than the one I had and paid for overnight delivery.

I was totally rapped with there service and will continue to always buy there products with such a great service like that.

Well done Billabong! You are a fantastic company and I will certainly tell all my friends to buy your products.

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HWI Homewares
HWI Homewares

About 10 months ago we bought a set of Arcosteel Premium stainless steel pots and pans from Target, which we have found to be of exceptional quality and as such are very pleased with.

Recently we noticed that the base on large 12 inch frying pan was de-laminating from the rest of the body. This also cause some burn marks at the section that was lifting as the heat was unable to dissipate through the rest of the pan.

Unfortunately we no longer had the purchase receipt, but believed that these pans should last longer than 10 months and were sure there was a ten year guarantee on this particular product.

We visited the Choice website to find out who the manufacturers of Arcosteel is, which we found out to be HWI Homewares in Port Melbourne. We called them and spoke to the service department about our dilemma.

We were informed that this pan in fact is covered by a 25 year guarantee, and to simply return the pan to them for a replacement. They also said that the FREEPOST address would cover the cost of postage! They were still willing to help even after I mentioned we had lost our proof of purchase.

We returned the pan as requested, and true to their word less than 2 weeks later an identical brand new frying pan was delivered to our front door.

We are still gob-smacked at the brilliant after sales service from HWI Homewares. This is a company who stands by the quality of their products. We are extremely pleased and certainly recommend Arcosteel products to anyone.


NGE Member: Tooly

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Vic Roads

Readers: Yesterday, I went into Vic Roads, Greensborough (Vic) to renew my driving licence (for when I go to the N.T.) and in 15 minutes FLAT I was walking out of the door with same.

The courtesy and understanding they gave me was totally beyond the comprehension of both myself and friend. Only asked for ID (of which I had more than ample) looked at the computer, and the very kind lady said, "Oh! I wish we had more like you, with Intrastate licences and not one speeding ticket, or blemish against your name in all of your years of driving, I'LL fill in the form for you and just sign it, please - your photo is needed, and you can have your licence straight away."

I then showed her something else, and the lady said, "Oh! GREAT - you would have gotten a licence without ID had you shown me that in the first place." NEVER, in my wildest dreams believe that I COULD give a Govvie Dept., credit PUBLICLY - but I now can for THIS Dept. Wonderful courtesy, wonderfully quick service, when the place was "chocker block full."

Readers, please don't faint! But I do give credit where due, and this was certainly due, and not that to which I/we are accustomed.

NGE Member: Busyb

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We bought a men's watch for an 18th birthday. The salesperson indicated it had a sapphire crystal, which was a mandatory. Well, two weeks later it had a scratch on the crystal, so we looked to find if it indeed was sapphire or just mineral glass. No doc anywhere, including the manufacturers web site.

Calling Zammels, on every question and step of the way, they beat promised turn-around by hours. Within the day they agreed it was their mistake, prompted as it seems by some bad advice from the manufacturer during a training event, and they are having a sapphire crystal put in.

Taking care of a problem does not get any better. Good on the staff at Zammels Greensborough.

NGE Member: Computerflyer

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Nokia Apsley

NGE Member Courtcase writes:

I know Nokia has copped a blast in the past for different things, but I feel that they deserve a compliment when one is due.

My daughter bought me a Nokia phone for Christmas 06 and within 2 months the switch off button did not work. I couldn't turn the phone off. I took the receipt and the phone back to Optus where it was purchased and the fellow there told me that if he took the phone it would probably be a minimum of two weeks before it even got looked at. He suggested I take the phone to Nokia at Aspley (which thankfully was just five minutes from my house).

I could not have been more impressed. They were courteous and friendly. They took my phone and gave me a loan phone. I had barely gotten home and checked my emails and there was one telling me that my job had been logged in and they would keep me up to date with all developments.

Within two days they had sent me another email telling me that they were waiting on a replacement handset and another five days after that they sent me another one telling me they were still waiting, but as soon as it was in they would let me know.

Ten days after dropping it in they sent me an email to say it was ready for collection. I could not be happier with the service provided by them. It was so good to feel informed about what was happening and of course getting the loan phone was just terrific.

Kudos to Nokia Aspley!

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20th Century Fox

NGE Member Becky 7474 writes:

About 3-4 years ago I purchased the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD Boxset. This was back when the seasons were split into part 1 & 2.

They were purchased at K-mart. I had never actually opened them as I didn't have the time to sit and watch them.

About two weeks ago I sat down to watch Season 6 part 1. But found that it had the dvd's for season 6 part 2 inside. I then checked the season 6 part 2 set and they were correct. So I was stuck with two set of season 6 part 2.

Having purchased them so long ago I didn't have my receipt so I knew K-mart would be of no help. So I found the address details for the distributor (Twentieth Century Fox) and wrote them a letter explaining the situation.

Four days later I received an email saying they would replace the dvd now the entire season comes on one boxset). He asked me if this was satisfactory,I said ‘absolutely.’

I asked him for the return address details to send my two sets of season 6 back to them.

Now get this, he said "Don't worry about sending them back ... I trust you". He asked me for my address to send the replacement set to and said they should be there within the week. Four days later they arrived. What absolutely exceptional customer service!

I was expecting to have to show proof of purchase and then have to send the sets back so they could see for themselves.

I have never had an easier replacement of stock. Well Done again. AAA++++ and 5 stars.

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NGE Member Pomozwi congratulates Telstra for:

I chose a mobile phone plan which was compatible with my wish to phone to family from various locations as we travelled around Australia. I was convinced when signing up to the plan that I could call any phone in Australia quite cheaply in off-peak hours.

Got home after two months to find three whopping bills and nearly all of my carefully timed calls costing several dollars instead of 20 cents.

Enquiries disclosed that the plan was a mobile-to-mobile plan and I had almost exclusively called my kids' fixed phones. I explained my situation to the Telstra people after getting home and not only did they retrospectively adjust all off-peak call rates to what I had anticipated (i.e. 20 cents each), they apologised for not having made clear to me in the first place what the plan entailed.

Then,at their suggestion, I was transferred to the Mobile Phone staff so that I could ascertain if there were a more appropriate plan available. It is an absolute pleasure to record this outstanding experience.

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We made the mistake of going to this salon today for both my husband and I to get our hair done My husband had a cut and dry and I had a wash and blow-dry and fringe trim.

Before starting they give you a form to fill out asking what way you like your hair styled and if you have had any bad experiences in the past. I stated I like my hair to be styled with loads of body and do not like it limp and fine.

The lass doing my hair spent most of the time pushing products at me insisting they would give me the body I wanted saying "this is what I am using now to give you more lift " ect. and plonk the bottle down in front of me ( brand new bottle).

Well the end result was exactly what I didn't want and not at all what I specifically asked for, I could have done a better job myself!

As I got up to pay she asked me which products I wanted and I said " none!" to say I got a greasy look is an understatement!

First and last time I will ever go to this chain again.

NGE Member Caliope Writes:

I emailed Stefan's head office last night and told them of our experience. I was pleasantly suprised to receive a phone call from them this morning apologising for what had occured and offering to refund the entire cost of both of us.

I was very happy with the level of concern showed and the rapid response I received. It is good to see a company that values client feedback and is proactive about addressing issues.

Well not only Did Stefan keep to their word and refund the entire cost but they also sent a box containing two gift packs of their product and a Jager pen.

I was ready to blast them for the poor experience we had at their salon but I am also very prepared to give them a for handling the complaint so swiftly and ensuring I was a happier customer.

Well done

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Nisbet Plumbing

NGE Member Irish fiddler congratulates Nisbet Plumbing of Newport in Melbourne for:

I had my roof changed from Asbestos cement to corrugated sheet by Nisbet plumbing. Nisbet arrived to quote as arranged (other contractors didn't turn up) Nisbet quoted to a specification (other contactors didn't quote).

Nisbet did the job as specified despite searing heat on the day of the work, a work place accident, and a mistake ordering material. Nisbet worked despite the heat, accepted responsibility for the accident and the mistake, made good on all work, finished the job professionally and asked only for the agreed payment.

An excellent outcome.

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AUSPC Market Online

NGE Member dsarkin1congratulates AUSPC Market Online for:

I am often disappointed when I place an online order so this experience was a great surprise.

First, the website price included free freight which was a nice change from the seeing a lower price only to encounter an inflated shipping price.

I placed my order at 8am in the morning and immediately received an (automated) confirmation. Within 2 hours I had received three further emails telling me my order had been picked, packed and shipped (including deliver co and consignment number).

At 10am the following morning, the order arrived at my place in Melbourne (from Sydney).

Nice work.

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Village Cinemas Launceston

NGE Member Grommit congratulates Village Cinemas Launceston for:

Yesterday, my other half and I went to village Launceston to see the new Star Wars movie (loved it, by the way!). About ten minutes or so from the end of the film, a young man a few rows in front of us had an epileptic fit.

The staff stopped the movie and turned the lights up explaining that this was due to an obvious medical problem in the audience, and reassured both the friends of the young man and patrons nearby, while a staff member and a friend/relative, who obviously were well able to deal with the situation, handled it.

The young man was then assisted to the back of the theatre where he was attended by the ambulance and the movie finished! When the movie ended, we were all directed past the scene and given a free ticket for the inconvenience.

Well handled by all concerned I felt!

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Red Baron

NGE Member: proud_kiwi congratulates Red Baron

Last week my bike died. I took it to Red Baron here in Auckland to be repaired. The service was absolutely outstanding, the service manager was the best I have ever dealt with in any industry. He was polite professional and even helped me load the bike on the trailer, sounds like no big deal but that has never happened before, I was impressed.

I then decided that the bike was a bit of a heap and really needed to be retired, I purchased 2 bikes based on the outstanding service from the service department.

I was amazed at the level of service in the sales department. The salesman was friendly and extremely efficient. The person in the parts department was absolutely the same. The young man that delivered the bikes again outstanding.

Both bikes did exactly what the salesman said they would, (it is hard to road-test dirt bikes).

Well done Red Baron both those bikes will be back for their servicing repairs etc.

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Enderley Gardens

NGE Member LBK congratulates Enderley Gardens:

As a last minute decision my partner and I took a trip up to Surfers Paradise.

We booked our accommodation online, choosing the one that was most affordable for us.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the one bedroom apartment we stayed in was not only neat and clean, but also very comfortable.

The set-up was great, facilities such as a pool, heated spa, and sauna were all a welcome relief and in great condition. Not to mention the Manager of the complex was also lovely, and we'd be happy to recommend this place to anyone looking for somewhere affordable to stay in the heart of Surfers Paradise.

We're even considering going back for more.

So thank you Enderley Gardens for your kind hospitality.

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Harvey Norman

NGE Member blondy writes:

Had a Port Hub that was faulty and I took it back to Harvey Norman in Gordon where I bought it for cash and had no receipt last Christmas.

The service guy was not particularly inspiring and the manager of that department intervened and gave me a new one for $10 LESS. He prominsed to have the other one checked and I was more than happy with the outcome.

As it was not a particularly expensive item and I needed the port urgently I was happy just to have the new one and not bother about the old one.

Even though I paid the difference in cash the girl on the register put my details on file. Thank you Harvey Norman.

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It has been a while now but I must place Ozito into A JOB WELL DONE since I had done business with them some time ago.

My electric mower had a plug burn on the mower, but I wasn't sure if it was my fault. Unable to find their designated repairer, I contacted their office and was told to return the mower and get another one.

This is excellent service and one I rarely come across.

They had no hesitation and I have no concerns with purchasing other products of theirs in the future.

Thank you Ozito.

Much appreciated.

NGE Member: Lesleyds

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JBHiFi & Soniq

I recently purchased a Soniq 15 inch LCD TV from JBHiFi for my son's 13th birthday. The service I recieved from Tracey at the time of purchase was friendly and informative with her providing thorough details of the warranty and contact numbers (including her own) should anything go wrong.

Got the TV home and set it up in my son's room only to notice a couple of days later that three pixels had dropped out towards the bottomof the screen.

Rang JBHiFi and spoke to John (Tracy was not in that day) who stated that they would be happy to replace the TV but had none in stock at the moment. He suggested I ring Soniq to see if they had any there and if not, get back to him.

I rang Soniq and explained my problem to a very apologetic gentleman who offered to get one in for me but to check with JB first to see if they could get one sooner than the 10-14 days it would take him!

Rang JB back and was advised that they could get one in around 5 days and they would ring Soniq back to let them know that they would take care of it.

A call from Tracy a few days later advised that I could bring the faulty unit in whenever I was ready as the replacement was in.

The changeover was smooth and pleasant.

I was most impressed with the attitude of both JBHiFi and Soniq. It was no problem to replace, no questions asked, in fact, no-one even asked to look at the fault!

The new unit has been installed for over a month and is working beautifully.

Well done JB and Soniq!

NGE Member: Shabrinc

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Woolies Kenmore

I would like to commend the staff at Kenmore's Woolworth's store, for service to me that was above and beyond the call of duty.

Their response to my report of harassment in their store by another customer (a person known to me, unfortunately, crept up behind me in their store and snarled and growled like a dog in my face) was nothing less than kind, caring and professional.

The store's management went so far as to trawl through their video footage, in the hope that the incident had been caught on tape (and could be used as evidence).

They offered to me wonderful advice, and also recommended procedures to gain assistance, if it was to happen again. It was obvious to me, based on their smooth and professional service, that this is a company who has smart H&R policies in place, and a store that abides by them.

I am very thankful for their support, especially since I recognize that they could so easily have taken the position that a store cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of its patrons.

NGE Member: al4069

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A parcel I ordered from Amazon had not arrived. I contacted them and “no worries” refund of postage and the purchase price credited, and a new parcel is on its way.

No questions asked.

Pity more wasn't like this.

NGE Member: Judy20au

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NGE Member Jas843 writes:

I had a 30GB Apple IPOD which was out of warranty by 70 days.

After much trouble finding solutions on the website I gave the Apple service centre a call told them the situation I was having with my IPOD and told them that I knew it was out of warranty but was wondering if it was something common and what would need replacing.

They put me on hold for less than a minute came back and said that customer service would extend the warranty and that I could sent it back for repair or replacement.

The process so far has been very easy, I sent it off, after printing out two pages from the website, went to my local Australia Post. Apple paid for it to be sent back to them and said I should get it back in a week.

This was a very surprising outcome and I am very impressed!

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Australia Post

NGE Member Judy20au writes:

Have had a problem of packages (mainly dvd's)disappearing from my letter box.( i am not home during the day).

Had a quick chat to my post office and now the postie pops anything he thinks looks important in my meter box.

Nothing has gone missing since.

It was no trouble for them, as i did have a lock on my letterbox, at one stage the whole letterbox disappeared.

So i know of one postie who goes one step further, kudos to the post office and the postie.

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NGE Member Funkyblue2 writes:


About a week ago I purchased a IBM Thinkpad X60 Laptop.

After a few days it developed a single dead white pixel on the screen. It was very annoying, as I paid $3k for the laptop and also use it for graphics work.

I phoned the shop I purchased from and they directed me to Lenovo Customer Care. Initially Customer Care informed me that there had to be a minimum of nine dead pixels for them to be able to do anything.

I called the ACCC and they advised me this was false and to go back to Lenovo telling them that the Laptop did not have a "basic level of quality" under the Trade Practices Act.

I sent am email to Lenovo Customer a couple of days ago outlining my concerns. I received a call this afternoon offering a DOA credit note and that I would be phoned in the morning to sort out the replacement to be sent.

I could not have asked for a more pleasant phone call from a representative, who was understanding and addressed my concerns.

Lenovo Customer Care deserve praise for dealing with my concerns in a professional and curious way.

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Myaree Hardware

NGE Member kiwi2768 writes:

I live 1000km from Perth and I recently needed to purchase some plastic handles/latches/catches (whatever you call them) to suit aluminium sliding windows. The brand name stamped on what remained of the catch was "Bristile". After being fobbed off by some woman from Bristile with an "I don't know" (she obviously had a bad case of Mondayitis), I was able to get hold of some pages of a catalogue for a company called RollTrak which makes these catches for all kinds of windows.

Our local Home Hardware store was of no use, as they cannot order something in without going through some other place, and if its not a line that place carries it cannot be ordered in. Ho hum.

On ringing RollTrak I was advised that they do not sell direct to the public, but I should contact Myaree Hardware and they would be able to help me.

I spoke to 'X' at Myaree Hardware and advised him what part number I thought I needed, and that I could email him a photo of what remained of one of the window catch. After emailing the photo, I rang 'X' again and it was agreed that this particular part number was the correct one.

I ordered 10, and faxed my credit card details and mailing address. Within 3 days I had received the window catches.

Thanks to Myaree Hardware for their great service. Its good to know that we can order anything we need from them and have it sent with a minimum of fuss.

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Shu Roo

Recently the Shu Roo (electronic animal deterrent) fitted to my car decided not to work. The auto electrician who had fitted it found that the electronic control unit had failed and was beyond economical repair.

I contacted Shu Roo in Qld and asked them about the replacement cost as the unit was quite a few months out of warranty.

The reply from the sales manager of Shu Roo was that their products were made to last longer than just a few months past the warranty period, their customers were important to them and if I would send the unit to them they would "look after me".

True to their word, a short time later I received a new control unit in the post at no cost.

It's great to see a company stand by their product and look after their customers and I am very grateful to them.

Well done Shu Roo, you've got a customer for life.

NGE Member: Bob M

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Thai Manola

WOW. New management, and it shows. In fact, some locals are wondering if the previous owners were trying to run it into the ground. Please try any businesses "UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT".

mazing food, and top treatment and service from new chef and owners. (management came and spoke to us, asking for any concerns. Stayed and chatted for 30 minutes).

Not what you expect from a small suburban restaurant. 5 star!!!!

If you are in or around Mount Warren Park, please take the time. they are a new favourite for us!!!

NGE Member: Missintheland

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Hyundai Nunawading

Congratulations to Hyundai Nunawading for excellent service.

We took our Santa Fe to be serviced and they were professional, courteous and prompt. They sent me a SMS message the day before to remind me.

They promised it would be ready at 2pm and it was.

Most importantly the price they quoted was half that of my closest Hyundai dealer (Ferntree Gully Hyundai), who in the past refused to replace a faulty seatbelt when my wife was pregnant because they couldn't get it to fail.

It just shows it pays to shop around - and we got fantastic service to match!

Well done guys!

NGE Member: pianoman

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Aldi Conder

I have just had some great customer service from Aldi - Conder ACT store.

The one I go to is about 14kms away (i go past another to get to this one) but a really new and big store.

Anyway, I did a big shop not yesterday but the monday home unpacked it all and later that night went to use the sour cream I had bought...opened it and there were 3 large spots of mould on top...checked the date and it wasnt out of date until 07/02/07...must have had a small pin prick in there or something???

It wasn’t worth driving back just to change it...sent daughter up to the local shops to get another one.

Went shopping again yesterday and this time I had a lettuce/salad mix that when I was packing away I could see the lettuce was black in one little spot, i thought just wash it and throw out the bad bit...well when I opened stunk and was all gooey on the bottom, couldn’t find a use by date.

Once again not worth the $1.99 to drive back...but then I just opened a knob of strassburg and it smelt gross...checked the date and it was 11/01/07

Rang headquarters (as thats the only way to get in contact, you cant contact a store)...told the lady on the phone...she had the Area Manager call me back and he said next time I am in there, I need to speak to the Store Manager and he will replace those 3 items plus compensate me a little more for any inconvenience.

It pays to be nice when complaining...thumbs up Aldi Conder

NGE Member: Bruky

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Ralph D'Silva Holden

NGE Member Werdna writes:

I recently bought a 2000 Kia Rio from Ralph D'Silva Holden, and surprisingly from a car yard, it was a most pleasant experience. Excellent, professional, hassle free, and friendly service.

From the time I first walked in to enquire about my potential purchase, to after I had taken delivery of it, the friendly service has been overwhelming. And the after sales service.....they keep contacting me to ensure that I am 100% happy with my purchase. They will be servicing my car as necessary.

Ralph D'Silva have me as a lifetime customer, and I would strongly recommend anyone looking to purchase a new or used car to try Ralph D'Silva because you won't get better service anywhere else.

Congratulations to Ralph D'Silva Holden and the people whom served me. AN EXPERIENCE TO BE EXPERIENCED.

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Golden Circle

NGE Member LBK1 writes:

I want to say thank you to Golden Circle for promptly replying to a notification I made to them regarding a piece of plastic found floating in a fresh juice bottle.

Not only did Golden Circle contact us quickly, they happily came and retrieved the piece of plastic and the juice from us and sent us $10 of Woolworths vouchers as a thank you.

It was a small effort on my part to bring this to their attention and they made it very much worth my while.

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Bing Lee

NGE Member Petrovic writes:

I can do nothing but praise Bing Lee Penrith for their customer service.

We purchased an LG washing machine ($1050) which died after 6 months. I was without a machine for 15 weeks while they tried to fix it (would not replace). Fair Trading couldn't get anywhere with them.

Finally went and saw Bing Lee who had it replaced for us and the replacement lasted 4 months & died. Straight away Bing Lee replaced it without consultation with LG.

When I said I would never own another LG product they told me to purchase any brand I wanted. I chose a Fisher & Paykel which was $200 more expensvie expecting to pay the difference.

I had to pay nothing & even got a $150 rebate from Sydney Water.

Thank you Bing Lee, Penrith. I recommend them to everyone.

As far as LG goes - none of my friends will ever buy one after my experience.

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The Good Guys

I have just had my first experience with the Extended warranty offered by The Good Guys. To say I am overwhelmed by the speed and response would be an understatement.

The details are:

Purchased a DVD player in September 2003 with an extended warranty of 2 years.

DVD started playing up about 3 weeks ago and finally stopped on 23rd July 2006.

Having just spent 6 months trying to get a refund out of GraysOnline I expected the worst, but ever the optimist rang the warranty hotline.

I spoke to J and was asked for the invoice number and the nature of the problem. From the symptoms he said that the laser has died and would need replacing.

J then asked me what store was closest for me and advised that a credit for the full amount I paid nearly 3 years ago would be available at the nominated Good Guys store - Blacktown NSW.

Within 2 hours I had a phone call from the Blacktown store advising me they had my credit waiting for me.

I went to the store the same day and picked up for no cost a brand new DVD to replace my old one.

Because of the fantastic service I had received I spent an extra $35 for another 2 years warranty.

So, for the grand sum of $35 I have just swapped a 2 year 10 month old dead DVD player for a brand new DVD player with 3 year warranty.

Well done Good Guys. I\'ll definitely be buying all my electronics and appliances from them in the future.

NGE Member: Mac_attack50

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I've been reading NGE for a while, so when LaCie told me to mail them my broken DVD Writer for repairs (even within the warranty period) I thought it was the first step of a surefire disaster.

Less than two weeks later a new DVD Writer was couriered to my office. No fussing, no arguments ... Just a call letting me know it was on its way and a call from the courier checking the delivery address!

I didn't think it was meant to be this easy!

NGE Member: Fivedollarbuffet

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Slazenger Shoes

About 2 Weeks ago, I emailed Slazenger Shoes regarding my complaint, which was that the tread on my joggers had just fallen off due to no fault of my mine and they were hardly worn, no stitching out of place or anything...i sent them a few pictures showing them this and they got back to me within a week.

They let me know they cannot refund me as it was 3 years ago, but they can offer me a replacement and sent 2 pictures of the brands they had in stock and i just had to choose and I recieved them a week later.

Good on you Slazenger..Great Customer Care and Great Service.

NGE Member: deprived & lonely

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When I received my December telephone account I noticed an excessive STD charge (>$13) for a call after 4.00pm on a Saturday. This surprised me because I thought that my account allowed me $2 STD calls at this time.

When I rang x at Telstra billing she agreed with me that my plan allowed for $2 STD calls on Saturday. However, when she read the fine print she discovered that this had been recently changed only from this plan. Given her (and my) confusion at this situation she asked me if I would be happy if she waived the charge for this instance. I was and considered the matter resolved.

However, x then asked me if I thought I was on the right plan for my telephone usage. She asked and received permission to check my usage pattern and suggested that I would be better off on a cheaper plan with higher telephone charges for the few calls I do make.

I agreed and it was decided to make the change from the nearest possible day (another day or two from the time of the call).

Received my telephone bill today for this period and all the changes agreed were in effect with the resulting benefit of a lower total bill.

Well done x and Telstra for being proactive and finding out what was best for me and my particular circumstances.

Of course a note here for anyone who has a complaint, be polite and address the problem with vigour, not the person. It does work and it's not their fault, the staff are there to help you resolve the problem not to be abused.

NGE Member: Deang

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NGE Member mpmp writes:

I had a issue with a Polaroid camera, and Polaroid [Hagemyer Australia] being a ethical company that they are, immediately addressed and solved my problem with a bonus film voucher.

Unlike the fools at Teds who would not assist, Camera Action have won me as a customer due to the great "customer-service" [please learn that Teds] and can-do attitude.

Makes it more remarkable when the camera was purchased from Teds.. [NEVER again!]

Highly recommended for its great post sale service [learn that too Teds], THANKS Camera Action, is it no wonder that they are :'Australian Camera Video and Digital retailer of the Year'

Well done to both Polaroid & Camera Action Melbourne.


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NGE Member Howie_sf writes:

On Friday (30 Mar) I picked up my consignment from from the courier's office. On opening the package I found that one item had not been dispatched contrary to the packing note and invoice. I contacted their office on their 1300 number at about 2:00 PM that day explaining the situation.

My complaint was dealt with both promptly, professionally and with courtesy. I also explained the inconvenience of having to travel to the airport (80km round trip) during normal business hours to pick up my goods.

At my request the operator quickly confirmed that it was possible to send the goods via altenate means.

I was totally surprised when I checked my mailbox on getting home this afternoon (Mon 2 Apr) to find the missing item had arrived.

All I can say is thank you very much and well done on such outstanding customer service.

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Footlocker Southland

NGE Member Interserve writes:

As a result wholly of my own doing following a blow-out of my well-worn in runners, my wife visiting Melbourne from Darwin that day called at Footlocker Southlands Shopping Centre.

My having supplied the entirely wrong size along with the make and model runner - hey if it was ok first time - “just buy another” - guys would understand – well my wife in a blalzing hurry to get to a family do, put down her card, took the bagged offered item and ran.

On inspection 24 hours later and in Darwin, the shoes were one size too big for her - cries of but they are a bloke’s style were heard also - and 6 sizes too small for me.

I phoned to explain.

I'd grabbed a new pair locally as soon as I sighted the problem, so replacement as offered wasn't what I wanted.

Not a worry!

I returned them in a post pack and got an immediate refund in full, plus a follow-up call to confirm the refund had been posted to my wife’s card.

All this without a gruff word or anything less than cheerful helpfulness.

Many’s a retailer could learn at these peoples feet ...

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My Sunbeam water chiller/filter had broken down and was some months past its twelve month warranty period.

I contacted Sunbeam to find out if there was a cheap method of fixing it and to express my regret that it hadn't lasted as long as I would've expected from Sunbeam. I was asked to take it to Mitcham Appliances for review - this would be done free of charge.

Imagine my very pleasant surprise to be called by Mitcham Appliances and be advised they had received a replacement machine from Sunbeam. Both companies were courteous and efficient.

Thank you.

NGE Member: Greenhead

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Pizza Hut – Stones Corner

On Saturday night, 9 September, I decided to get a pizza for dinner as I just didn't feel like cooking anything. So I drove to my local Pizza Hut in Stones Corner (Brisbane) and ordered a Chicken and Bacon with BBQ sauce on a perfecto base, as well as a bottle of Pepsi Max.

After waiting the usual 12 minutes (not a phone order), I picked up my dinner and headed to the car. When I got there, the lady behind the counter followed me out and said "Excuse me sir, we cooked you a BBQ meatlovers instead of the chicken one.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, but if you wait while we make up a new pizza for you, you can have that one (the one in the car) as well for free" So I waited, why not, a free pizza, that's dinner for tomorrow night taken care of.

When I picked up me new pizza, the lady said I could take another drink as well if I want. I said "No thanks, I already have one". Then I left.

I just thought it was so good of them the way they handled the small bungle. So I just had to let you all know.

NGE Member: Cas98

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My wife bought an Olympus 720SW camera because of its features including being waterproof. Needless to say we were very disappointed when it leaked on a recent holiday to Bali.

We returned the camera to JB's, who sent it off to Olympus. We expected Olympus to argue that we had done something wrong, but to their credit they sent us a new camera, no questions asked.

NGE Member: julians

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JB Hifi Narre Warren

In August I purchased a Soniq LCD TV from JB Narre Warren and posted on this site about the great service I got when I had to return it. Well, this store has done it again!

I purchased a surround sound system for this unit based on advice I was given by a salesperson (who no longer works there I am told), and gave it to my son for Xmas.

I spent most of Xmas day trying to get it to work without success. I returned to the store I purchased the system from only to be told that it was not going to work on the type of TV I had.

I rang JB Narre Warren and explained my problem and was told to bring the TV in and they would see what they could do.

X looked after me explaining the problem and offering a solution. As long as I wasn't too attached to the current TV, they would replace it with another type, include a DVD player and the necessary cables along with the same warranty on the TV.

I wasn't too attached and this was accomplished within 10 minutes and I ended up with a $115 refund as well!!

No fuss. No problems. I will ONLY buy from here from now on!

Well done JB HiFi!

NGE Member: shabrinc

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Pets Paradise Marion

NGE Member lambykins congratulates Pets Paradise Marion for:

I purchased a puppy from Pets Paradise at Marion around 4 months ago, and she is absolutely lovely.

She is a border collie x kelpie x labrador x beagle.

When I bought her, I was initially looking for a pure breed dog, preferably a labrador, however they didn't have any at the time. I said I would like to write my name down and was prepared to wait til they had gotten one in.

However the lovely young girl helped me out by telling me that all purebreed dogs apparently are prone to defects and problems later in life (something i didn't know - apparently all pure breed dogs are interbred with close dog-relatives) and it is better to go for a cross breed.

She recommended the cross-breeds that they had in at the moment, as they were very "mixed" and so wouldn’t have any problems.

I really love my dog and she is growing up to be stunning.

What fantastic advice, and thank-you to Pets Paradise. If it wasn't for them I would have bought a dog with many problems I'm sure.

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Late last year I started a thread about being uninsured for 2 months without the company telling me, and sending me mail to the contrary.

I shopped around and insured with AAMI as they had an excellent deal and were willing to insure my under 25 year old son (not easy).

With deep regret the son and heir to nothing was in a minor dingle which wrote the car off in March. Thank heavens for insurance eh!

AAMI have been magnificent in handling the whole procedure to its conclusion. I feel very guilty that after only being with them a short time a claim had to be made.

They even offered to reinsure the next car. However boy wonder has decided to leg it on public transport and get his own car when he is 25.

Thanks a million AAMI for the way you conduct your business.

NGE Member: blondy

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S&N Pools Perth

Thankyou for your efficient, knowledgeable and helpful service.

We have purchased a few things from you and have always received prompt door to door delivery in the time you state, not only that it is nice to receive unbiased help and knowledge.

Keep up the good work and to top it off your logo is correct we have found you to be the cheapest when we have purchased products, the good thing is delivery is included in the price.

I do not have to spend the time travelling. Well done!

NGE Member: Knowledgeispower2

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Virgin Blue

On a recent return trip from Adelaide to Sydney we discovered our best suitcase was broken almost beyond repair when we arrived back in Adelaide.

After a phone call and an email to Virgin Blue Head Office in Qld we were asked to purchase a new suitcase and send the receipt to them.

After purchasing a new case and ringing Virgin for a street address to send the receipt we were told not to bother and to give them our banking details.

Next day the full amount we paid was put into our account as promised by Virgin Blue.

We were flabagastered but very grateful.

We will fly with them again. Our thanks to the Customer Service Centre of VB.

NGE Member: Bobskey

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Impact Images Central Coast

I just want the world to know that Impact Images on the Central Coast of New South Wales have provided the best experience of dealing with a business that I can remember having.

From the very beginning, it was obvious that the client was their priority - their website is great and my email enquiry was answered quickly and informatively.

Booking a family portrait, having the photos taken, viewing and choosing the one's we want framed ... Nothing was ever too much trouble, all of the staff were friendly and professional.

And the family portraits we had taken were great - despite a troublesome 1 year old and troublesome weather.

Thanks for proving that great service really does exist.

NGE Member: Dookiebubba

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Prestige Communications
Prestige Communications

Have been looking in all the usual places, ebay, Kmart, Dick Smith for Cordless phones. Also went to Officeworks totally useless and unhelpful.

Then whilst on internet found Prestige Communications On line ( a company based in Perth.

Their prices were equal to and BELOW all other prices I was quoted, this is where Officeworks would not price match as company was not in same state !

The price of phones was $279.00 at Officeworks yet from Prestige they were $229.00 Delivered.

I rang Prestige placed my order and received the phones the next day before 8am what EXCELLENT service from WA to Vic in under 24 hrs and that price included free delivery.

NGE Member: Jobie

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