Dick Smith: Returning faulty electronics
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PostPosted: 25 Nov 09 10:42
Post subject: Dick Smith: Returning faulty electronics

honey and vinegar applies not always but most times I find.
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PostPosted: 25 Nov 09 21:58
Post subject: Dick Smith: Returning faulty electronics

Heh, "warranty laws." There was as much accuracy in the explanation as there is in such laws existing...
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PostPosted: 07 Jun 10 21:45
Post subject: Dick Smith: Returning faulty electronics

I had a bit of the same problem. But it was with a mobile hand set. It wouldn’t keep it’s charge I took it back in the 7 days to dick smith they replaced the battery not once but twice but it kept going flat in a day.. they refused to exchange the handset saying it is a pre-paid mobile phone and Telstra and Optus have set down polices that state you can’t exchange a pre-paid mobile phone,, so then I told them I wanted a refund,, they said "NO, it is our policy that we do not give refunds on pre-paid mobile phones, he said this is printed on your receipt... I contacted Optus as the phone was an Optus phone. I told them what dick smith had said the man at Optus had no idea of what I was talking about. He said at Optus they would class that as DOA and issue me with a new handset.. I then rang the accc to find out more before I rang dick smith again.. the accc informed me I'm quite within my right to have an exchange or refund .. I told him about the policy dick smith had told me that Optus and Telstra had put in place.. he informed me it doesn't matter what policies Telstra, Optus or dick smith have in place the law states if the item does not do what the box states it to do and it was not know to me at time of purchase then I'm entitled to a full refund or exchange under the law.. I said “ so I'm being bluffed” he said “yes you most certainly are”.I rang the dick smith store and told the manager I had rang Optus and the accc, I told him what they had informed me, and!! oh my god!!! they offered me the replacement and I said I would take a refund, he said "no worries!! come pick it up"... I picked it up today and went and bought a new phone else where.. I will never set foot in another dick smith again...

so all these polices shops have printed on there receipts and around their shops are bluffs.. if you think your being ripped off you most certainly are... go to the accc web site and learn you rights...
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