BIG W - Constantly overcharging
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PostPosted: 08 Feb 10 21:35
Post subject: BIG W - Constantly overcharging
Organisation name: Big W Registered company is listening
Issue type: Complaint

Last month I was at the Taigum BIG W store to purchase several items for the new school year.

One of those items was a Maui Girl backpack which was clearly marked as $29.92. There were paper tags on the shelf, as well as tags for Maui boy backpacks that were for the same price.

At the checkout the backpack came up as $39.99. I queried this and the checkout operator called someone for a price check. 5 minutes later and no one had arrived, so I went to where the backpacks were which you could see from the register and took the paper ticket to the checkout operator. Finally, someone came and took the backpack and ticket off the checkout operator to another checkout down the far end. After another several minutes, I was wondering what the holdup was. Apparently it needed to be approved! There was a paper ticket clearly showing the price, there were 3 Maui boy tickets on the shelf, so I still donít know why it needed to take so long. Then, it was agreed that it was $29.92, so the checkout operator charged me $29.92 and the $39.99 which was not taken off. I had to request that the $39.95 was taken off.

Upon leaving noticed that I had been charged twice for a smaller backpack which I also purchased. A wave zone girl backpack for $12.87. As the checkout operator and supervisor person were still chatting and not serving, I asked them about my receipt. The checkout operator confirmed that there was only 1 small wave zone backpack purchased. No one could tell me why I had been charged for 2. I was then told by the supervisor person, that I would have to go and line up at the refund counter where there were 6 people already lined up. I was not really impressed with that. I had been patient and my 4 children with me, had enough of waiting but were still well behaved. After stating that I was not going to line up again, I was rudely asked did I want a refund or what! Great customer service! Of course I didnít want to be overcharged AGAIN, and the supervisor person said that they didnít have authority, but then took me to the refunds counter inside the store and was suddenly able to do the refund.

I find that itís interesting that itís sooo easy to overcharge the customer, not once, not twice but three times and having staff being rude to the customer. Not with an apology.

I sent my feedback to Big W regarding this, but after 4 weeks I have had no response. So much for their customer service and feedback section on the website.
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not happy, Jan

PostPosted: 17 Feb 10 13:11
Post subject: BIG W - Constantly overcharging
Organisation name: Big W, Marion
Issue type: Complaint

A few years' ago, I queried why my docket was so high, the representative went through it with me. We came to one item and she stated, "five...", I then asked, Where are the other four?" I received no apology and was received an adjustment on the account.
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