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PostPosted: 24 Aug 11 08:49
Post subject: Building
Organisation name: Metricon
Issue type: Complaint

We are currently building with Metricon and to be honest, it hasn't been a pleasant experience thus far. I love the house and if constructed in accordance with Metricon’s own literature it should be of a high standard! I watched the pouring of the concrete slab however, I didn't see the Site Manager at the beginning of the pour and I am not sure anyone from Metricon was onsite to ensure the concrete slump test was witnessed or just took the concrete company's word? I asked to see the compaction test and have been ignored. They are now framing the house however, along the concrete edge numerous blowouts occurred as the frame contractor began fixing the steel frame to the concrete slab. From photos taken and provided to an independent structural engineer, it appears the concrete slab may not have been vibrated enough during the chem-set bolting process hence blowouts occur. My husband and I witnessed the framing contractor using an angle grinder to cut away the steel frame posts because his drill wouldn’t fit as it could be viewed the frame installation occurred out of sequence? I have questioned the workmanship and have been told not to worry about everything because it will all be certified. Our problem is that we are paying for quality workmanship and not cowboy tactics! Has anyone had concerns during the construction process and told the same thing? Has anyone hired an independent structural engineer to offer opinions which differ to any certification being granted?
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PostPosted: 24 Aug 11 19:04
Post subject: Building
Organisation name: Coastal Patios, Sunshine Coast
Issue type: Complaint

Where are you building? If you have the same problems like we encountered with Coastal Patios on the Sunshine Coast, you may find that you are tied into a contract that you can't get out of.
We had to keep up payments despite watching the poor workmanship occur, and it didn't matter where we tried to get help we were hamstrung by the contract every time.
Now we are fighting it out with the QBSA and QCAT.
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PostPosted: 25 Aug 11 10:17
Post subject: Building
Organisation name: Metricon
Issue type: Complaint


If the builder is a member of the Master Builders Association, you can lodge a complaint and ask they adjudicate over your concerns. While our concerns were different to yours, certainly from what you've said I'd be concerned as well.
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PostPosted: 25 Aug 11 16:53
Post subject: Building
Organisation name: QBSA Ian Jennings
Issue type: Complaint

Ian Jennings told us to contact the MBA for dispute resolution. We did, and they only offer this to the builder.

Ian Jennings also told us the BSA offer dispute resolution and mediation. They don't.

Ian Jennings is a liar, misleads, mis-quotes, and basically is as much as a con as the builders he protects.

I want him sacked.

There is no mediation or resolution service offered by the MBA for consumers (only for their members) and there no resolution or mediation service offered by the BSA.

Want that - go to QCAT!
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PostPosted: 25 Aug 11 17:51
Post subject: Building
Organisation name: Coastal Patios, Queensland
Issue type: Complaint

We with-held the final payment for the job we had done because it was so bad.
We have whoop-de-doo floors and a leaky roof. Not to mention the wobbly balustrade and the second hand products used despite the fact the contract says all building products used must be new!!!!
The builder then decided to take us to court, so QCAT ordered mediation prior to a court hearing in the hope it could be settled before a court hearing. We have had one mediation hearing so far, but it was adjourned to a future date as it was not properly set up and the builder was not organised..
So we get to pay double costs for our solicitor cos he has to appear for us twice.
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