Avenger N-control for xBox 360
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PostPosted: 27 Sep 11 22:21
Post subject: Avenger N-control for xBox 360
Organisation name: Avenger
Issue type: Complaint

Ordered one of these of ebay. Got it 2 weeks later and fitted it to my 100% original xbox 360 controller. The n-control came of my controller within 10 seconds. I put it back on and it came off again 3 times in one minute of game play.
I contacted the seller and he said he'd take care of me. That was five weeks ago and still nothing. so I emailed him through ebay and told him I wanted it by Tuesday or I'd start posting reviews.
"Are you making a threat to me and Avenger Controller , Internet threats are not taken lightly and our attorneys will have a field day with you for a defamation suit and threatening us with blackmail , simply ask for a refund tonto its no big deal lol. Otherwise make your threats and watch what happens to you with local and federal authorities from your country and ours. Thanks so much for your time we sent out the avenger its in your country when it hits customs thats your responsibility so find it or your local store carries them toysdownunder.??? call them ask for an avenger and have him skype paul and ill send him a new unit. work it out let me know just be smart"

I said I'd still do it and then his replies:

"OK so do it , then Your a nobody . Were a Major company Selling to 8 countries and all over the United states and Canada lol, Go ahead with your press by the way did you ship your defective controller back ? I have people in Australia Selling my controller retail who cares what you say call the news and the press alert channel 5 and Fox news this is gonna be a breaking story... Do you think your the first to bitch and complain and talk smack hahah Im not gonna call any police there is no need Love the free press your gonna give us though you know what they say any press is good press so join the handful of other losers and im looking forward to it hopefully it drives in a few more sales controversy always does. So if your all fired up and have nothing better to do with your life then knock your self out partner ride wallaby till and legs fall out and go walkabout. Like I said im not wasting another dollar until you ship your unit back to us your not keeping 2 Avengers follow policy and if your afraid to call a store in your own county that has avengers in stock then your a weirdo you have avengers there no customs no tax. Call Toys Down under www.toysdownunder.??? and ill tell them give you a unit or go on your childish rampage. Thanks for the entertainment im not wasting anymore time with you. Ive had enough laughs and given you tons of solutions and your controller was shipped."
Then he found out I'd left some comments on youtube:
"LOL we have to approve those comments they dont show up you turd hahaha!!!
the only thing you did was **** up my feedback you punk , oh well the other guy is removing his I sent him a brand new avenger ! you can leave yours Ill call ebay tomorrow and handle it and show them the emails and your threats feedback will be removed stat thanks have a good one"
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PostPosted: 28 Sep 11 15:54
Post subject: Avenger N-control for xBox 360
Organisation name: na
Issue type: Complaint

I have since found out my gripe is with Ocean Marketing Inc regarding the language used. He also never asked for the item to be mailed back until the 5 weeks had gone by.

I do have more detail but given the size restrictions on postings I had to shorten the messages so some of it may seem a bit disjointed.

Just to let you know at no point did I call him names or anything like that. He has had his ebay negative feedback removed but ebay Australia didn't know why. I had to lodge an appeal on the US ebay site.
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I'm a NGE Premium Subscriber

PostPosted: 28 Sep 11 16:00
Post subject: Avenger N-control for xBox 360
Organisation name: Federal Government
Issue type: Comment

Interesting post - but in the name of 'product placement', is it doing on the Government blog?
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