Demir Leather - where is my sofa?
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PostPosted: 08 Jun 10 10:48
Post subject: Demir Leather - where is my sofa?
Organisation name: Demir Leather
Issue type: Complaint

I ordered a Demir Leather sofa in early December 2009 after being told delivery would take approximately 3 months. 6 months later, I am still waiting and have been given nothing but a raft of excuses. I have requested a refund of the deposit which has been flatly refused. They claim that made to order imported furniture takes time - surely not 6 months though. If they had told me up front it was likely to take 6 months, I would have gone with Natuzzi or Brescia.
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PostPosted: 24 Jul 10 12:31
Post subject: Demir Leather - where is my sofa?
Organisation name: Not Applicable
Issue type: Comment

I also had a really bad experience with Demir Leather. Demir Leather (Auburn) offered one of the worst customer service experiences I have had.

I have owned the leather lounge for approximately 6 years. I bought it thinking that it would last many years - they sold me on commercial quality cushioning, Italian construction etc... I paid close to $5k for it - silly me. I was assured by the sales staff that it was top quality leather. How was I to know any different? I should have asked for proof.

Approximately a year ago the ‘leather’ on my suite began to separate and peel. After a bit of research, I found that Demir 'Leather' had actually sold Demir 'Bicast'. I contacted them and they insisted that it was something that I have done to the lounge and they are not at fault. The response was well rehearsed indeed – how many others are out there who have been misled?

Please think again if you are going to buy from Demir Leather. The web is full of complaints from people who haven't received what was promised. Do your leather research and ask to see verification of the leather used in your lounge.
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PostPosted: 26 Jan 11 08:07
Post subject: Demir Leather - where is my sofa?
Organisation name: Demir Leather
Issue type: Comment

Well, I thought I was pretty smart until I come across Demir in Auburn.

Most of the furniture in the shop has not price tags. We saw a sofa we like and asked about the price. The man that drove exotic cars (Ferrari, Rolls Royce) gave us a special and we agreed to it. Like someone before us, we also took up their 100% soft leather and commercial seat option.

Delivery was promised within 3 months and overall not too bad, got a call within 4 months.

The problem I see is that the quality of the leather is quite poor. I am no leather expert but I remembered that the last sofa I had, the leather smell was much stronger. And this leather seems to crease very easily. So I think we were given really poor quality leather.

One thing we do remember is that they told us with the special price, there are only 4 colour to choose from, brown, black, white and a beige. And when we visited some other leather shop, we were told that they were the cheapest grade. So I am thinking of getting a leather expert to have a look, it is only 3 months old, and if it is not in order, I can pursue Demir legally. What do you guys think?
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PostPosted: 26 Jan 11 20:27
Post subject: Demir Leather - where is my sofa?
Organisation name: Demir Leather
Issue type: Complaint


I think that the best way to start may be to contact the ACCC:

The problem we have is - what law has Demir Leather broken? Do you have written proof of a certain quality of leather - because I didn't.

I think that the best thing that we can do is contact the ACCC to make people more aware - what do you think?

PS. I just tried to sell my 6yr old Demir $5k leather lounge on Ebay and got $2.75. The bloke didn't even come to pick it up... It was a weight off the shoulders when I left it at the tip - at least I didn't have to feel bad looking at it peeling away in my loungeroom any more.
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PostPosted: 08 Oct 11 10:33
Post subject: Demir Leather - where is my sofa?
Organisation name: Demir Leather
Issue type: Comment

I ordered my lounge 4 months ago and I have only just received it. They were a month late and I was desperate to complete my renovations. However, I do appreciate the quality of the lounge as it was the one I ordered. At least the designs and quality is better than sh*t from nick scali - I bought a couch from them a year ago and the structure of it snapped when my kids jumped on it. Couldn't even get a refund or use my warranty due to some lousy excuse.
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PostPosted: 01 Dec 11 22:00
Post subject: Demir Leather - where is my sofa?
Organisation name: n/a
Issue type: Comment

Nick Scali, Demir, Natuzzi and others, heard bad things about them all. When I was young leather furniture was something you saved up for, it was big news in the family when one of my relo's upgraded to a leather suite. Now everyone can afford "leather" and few question why. These days I wouldn't touch leather. I'm sure not all of it is bad but I don't feel confident about how to tell.
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PostPosted: 05 Apr 12 20:56
Post subject: Demir Leather - where is my sofa?
Organisation name: demir leather auburn
Issue type: Complaint

I had a fight with the boss in the shop last year,because of the worst service.and we both called police .
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PostPosted: 14 Jun 13 13:58
Post subject: Demir Leather - where is my sofa?
Organisation name: Dimer Leather
Issue type: Complaint

We recently requested a full refund as our new leather couch, which arrived six months after our order which was three months later than promised, was not the specification we ordered.
Upon visiting the store to resolve the manager was loud and rude. Upon sending an email Demir Leather flatly refused to provide a refund and incorrectly implied that the spec supplied was the spec ordered.
We cannot deal with the company given their attitude and service level. Unfortunately only after our problem have we learnt of many other unsatisfied customers.
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