Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws
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PostPosted: 07 Jul 11 08:41
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

My experience.... My mum was booked on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne to visit her dying niece. As my mum raised her and her sisters, they are like daughters to her so obviously she is very keen to get to the hospital in Melbourne to say goodbye. We travelled from Newcastle to Sydney (2 hour drive), arrived 25 minutes prior to flight to find that the check in counters were closed, the auto checkin machines were not functioning and the security held us up with stupid time-wasting procedures. We ran down to the departure lounge hoping they would check us in down there (given that the checkin area was totally deserted and also given the circumstances) but after yelling "where have you guys been" at us, they refused to let mum on the plane. As she is 71, after running flat out and with the emotional upheaval she was already experiencing, she burst into tears. There was no compassion or sympathy, just officiousness and a very patronising manner "you should have allowed more time". I have just dropped her off at Newcastle airport at 6am (at an additional cost of $80 for "fare-change") and she has finally arrived at melbourne. Virgin will let late arrivals on and I'm pretty sure that we'll be travelling with them in the future!!!
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PostPosted: 09 Apr 11 11:55
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

First and last time we will fly with JetStar. They were quick to make the booking (six months prior to flight) and take the money but now I cannot talk to anyone about the changes they have made to our itinerary. I strongly suspect that they never planned the original itinerary to actually happen but lured us onto those flights as they were convenient for us. Now , after waiting over an hour on two attempts on the phone to their 'service number' Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!! I cannot even email them to try and get some clarification. We have obviously learnt the hard way, but we will never be stupid enough to use this airline ever again. Their after 'taking your money service' is absolutely appalling! icon_sad.gif
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browned off

PostPosted: 06 Jan 10 17:36
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

I'll agree with that, each time we fly Jetstar have proven themselves to be disorganised, delayed, lacking any sort of customer service and at times, downright rude! I won't fly Jetstar any more, Virgin provide so much better service, I don't even shop around anymore.
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PostPosted: 12 Nov 09 13:08
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

For service, Jetstar are right up there with Telstra who are without doubt the worst company in the world to deal with, sorry, "try" to deal with.

I missed a flight in Sept by 2 minutes, a guy in front of me must have been less than a minute late and neither of us were allowed on.

A travel agent told me a similar story where a couple flying from Tas to NT and connecting in Melb. The plane arrived late in Melb so they were slightly late for their connecting flight and were not allowed to check in. The stupid part is, their connecting flight was 2 hours late and hadn't even arrived yet.


I will never fly with these idiots ever again and will bag them at every opportunity.

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PostPosted: 30 Oct 09 13:02
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

I have a problem with the extremely cheap fares that a few people get some of the time with Jetstar. The rest of us have to give up basic services we need so they can use this marketing ploy to pick up some extra customers.

That is fine if there is competition but it also applies in locations where there is no choice of carrier.

Herring thinks it is the battler that Jetstar caters for: I disagree, I think the most suitable passenger for Jetstar is someone who has teh freedom to travel a lot but has plenty of money to buy replacement fares, extra accommodation, meals etc as necessary and isn't required to get to any particular location at any particular time. If this applies to you, you can stretch your travel budget to 3 or 4 return flights instead of one a year for the sake of some inconvenience... a bit like taking mystery flights - they won't take you anywhere for a particular reason but you get to go somewhere for a change of scenery.

That doesn't describe many battlers that I know and certainly doesn't describe anyone who has to travel for sport, business, education, or most family events such as weddings. Not much good getting to the wedding, anniversary or funeral the day after, is it? Or the conference, or the business meeting...

With Jetstar, if you can't allow an extra day or two either side of any event you run quite a high risk of missing it altogether. And many of us can't take that much time off work.

After 6 flights with Jetstar, I have come to be surprised if at least one part of the journey isn't delayed (and three of these delays were 10 or 12 hours with no assistance offered to passengers at all). So if your elderly rellies have no option but to use Jetstar, make sure they are well enough to sleep on an airport floor or aren't relying on their pension to pay for the extra costs when flights are cancelled or delayed. And take a packed lunch! Airport meals are really expensive and a day spent relying on them could add up to the total food budget for a battler for close to a week.
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PostPosted: 28 Oct 09 08:31
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

I have flown Jetstar many times domestically and overseas and I have been happy with the service. I have got extraordinarily cheap fares at times. There have been a few flight changes but only by an hour or so. Once a flight was cancelled and we had to catch the next one back from Avalon. Cabin baggage that was an ok size from Sydney was not ok back from Avalon, but I had paid for checked in luggage anyway, so it wasn't a big problem. They are all the negatives. The cheap fares with Jetstar and sometimes with Virgin mean I can afford to go away for a weekend or an overseas holiday at least once a year. Before these airlines came on the scene it cost nearly as much to fly within Australia as to fly to Thailand. icon_biggrin.gif
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PostPosted: 27 Oct 09 18:49
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

They left us to walk across the car-park (they couldn't even organize the courtesy vehicle) for us at 9pm at night to get to the hotel (across a busy road) to pay an extra 200 for the night, on top of the extra 70 bux or so each we had to pay because we so called missed it!

First time we had both been outside Melbourne airport we had no idea where to go!
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PostPosted: 27 Oct 09 18:05
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

eusa_clap.gif Absolutely with you re connecting flights! I believe the main reason Jetstar was created was to remove all entitlement to assistance to get you where you are going when one flight is delayed.

And not only do they abandon you at the airport in a strange city with no accommodation if your first flight is delayed. They also require you, no matter how ill or frail, to collect baggage at the intermediate airport and find the departure area to book it all in again (without the assistance of any signage in the case of Melbourne airport last October!). Then you have to be screened again.

So instead of having some time to eat, walk and go to the toilet in an enforced break, you spend an hour or more in queues. And the "book in 30 minute before departure" rule applies all over again (so not only are you are tired and hungry, but you are stressed worrying if you will get through the huge queues in time).

Something rather like a modern version of Hell in my experience.
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PostPosted: 27 Oct 09 17:35
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

Yep, I agree. What a ridiculous uninformed comment that was... "battlers who used to travel by train or bus". Betcha it is from a Jetstar employee (in what dept do you reckon he/she would be employed????)
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PostPosted: 27 Oct 09 16:37
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

In 2008 My family and I traveled Perth to Gold Coast Via Sydney with Qantas

It was great.

However this year was different we had to travel Jetstar rghh and never again! The airline is useless, a nuisance (why can't they bring in connection flight)
We missed our Melbourne -Perth return flight as the Gold Coast- Melbourne flight was late! If they bring in connection flights this wouldn't have happened!

For next year I have found cheaper airfares ($229 compared to $269) with Virgin Blue (which includes connections!) I will be sticking with v blue for gold Coast flights from now on!
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I'm a NGE Premium Subscriber

PostPosted: 27 Oct 09 14:57
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

Quote: " Jetstar's target market is the simple battler who used to take the train or bus.

If that is not you, then you have no business trying to save a few dollars on aircraft not meant for you."

Are you for real? What a simpleton's answer.

Firstly Jetstar is owned by Qantas and its their local (Australia) service. Qantas doesnt fly local anymore unless its a via Sydney before heading O's. eusa_wall.gif
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PostPosted: 27 Oct 09 14:53
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

Unfortunately for many of us, it is not as simple as "just don't use Jetstar". Jetstar now provide the only direct service to a number of locations that used to have a QANTAS service.

And since all companies now have the cheek to charge you extra to make you spend 11 hours getting to your location via an indirect route rather than 5 hours on a direct flight, the cost of using alternatives have escalated above the extra you would have paid to have a QANTAS service. So I reluctantly use Jetstar when they provide the only option of a direct flight as my health precludes lengthy flights.

The problems of privatisation...
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PostPosted: 27 Oct 09 05:39
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

This seems to be Qantas modus operandi.
If you use your frequent flyer points with them they will put you on their code share mates at THEIR convenience, not necessarily when you want to fly.
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PostPosted: 26 Oct 09 23:12
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

I don't believe that Qantas code-share with Air NZ so you may have that wrong. And Air NZ are better anyway.
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PostPosted: 26 Oct 09 19:27
Post subject: Jetstar: Offers service accepts payment then withdraws

Not directly Jetstar related, but Qantas related ... just got back from a flight booked via the internet (a "frequent flyer points") return flight to/from the USA. I have never flown Qantas to the USA (always United for the last 7 trips) - and felt good I was flying the "safest" airline in the world .... except I wasn't .... *all* of my Qantas flight numbers had "twins" with another airline. I flew over on Fiji's airline (with the mandatory stop off at Fiji) and then back on an Air new Zealand flight (with the mandatory stop off in N.Z.) - I never once saw a plane with a Qantas logo on it ... yet I "flew Qantas" ......
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