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PostPosted: 25 Jun 06 23:48
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

I went into my local Bi-Lo store (Adelaide, West Torrens Suburb) on the 30th May 2006 @ 4:33pm and made a healthy purchase of food supplies.

There was an Italian ice cream/gelato that I purchased and it was advertised in the store as being on special and the price being $2.99. When I went to the checkout to pay for my groceries the checkout attendant scanned the item and the price came up as $6.99!!

I notified the attendant of the discrepancy in price and I also instructed her that the item was on special at $2.99...She went to check the price as there werenít many customers. When she returned she admitted that yes she had made an error and that the iced confection was on special @ $2.99. I then asked her if I was entitled to get the confection for free since it scanned at an incorrect price.

The attendant went to ask a (work) colleague if I should get the item free. When the attendant came back she told me some unbelieveable & ridiculous explanation, something about how the only way I would get it free was if I left the store and if I realised that they had made a mistake with my purchase.

I think that they didnít want to admit their error and lose out so they made up some stupid story. Im sick of companies etc....getting the best of their customers who have been wronged. I now refuse to shop there anymore...

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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 00:02
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets


I sympathise with your situation. Bi-Lo in Coburg went through a phase a few years back where the scanned price of the item was often higher than the shelf price but they staff steadfastly refused to provide the item for free, using an increasingly bizarre series of reasons (the one about needing to leave the store before alerting them to the incorrect price was one of them). A letter of complaint to the head office did not resolve the situation - although head office agreed the items should be free if scanning higher than the shelf price, that didn't help me when it happened in store...

The straw finally broke the camel's back three years ago and I am yet to return to the store despite it being the closest supermarket to me. At the time I wrote an email to some friends so I've still got the original details of my saga from 12th Aug 2003.


The Bi-Lo supermarket chain includes among it's specials this week, a box of Arnott's Shapes biscuits for $1.37, which seems like a good deal but as so often happens, activities we get involved with end up with a SPOTD report.

We went there this evening to buy some groceries, and bought a couple of boxes. We noticed there were two boxes of a new flavour - Chicken Drumstick - that were promotional packaging, different to the regular sized boxes. These two boxes were clearly marked: 30% EXTRA FREE - TRIAL PACK in a bold font, with letters roughly one inch tall.

Wonderful, we thought, seeing not only a good price anyway, but the additional bonus of extra product for free. Gotta be happy with that. Alas, it was too good to be true. When the boxes were scanned at the register, the price indicated was $2.09 instead. Naturally we drew the register operator's attention to this error, because they should have been at the lower price indicated in the first sentence.

She looked at us like we were stupid and patiently explained that it cost more to buy because it was "a bigger box".

"Yes", we pointed out, "It's bigger because it's free. So it's the same price."

"No. It's a bigger box. You got to pay more 'cos it's bigger."

"But it's a trial pack with EXTRA FREE. It should be the same price as all the other boxes."

She called a guy from the floor to come and check the price. Off he went to the aisle and returned briefly to inform us that yes, we were correct and the price should be the lower price, not the one it was scanning at. However, he apologised, he did not have the authority to change the price.

Our cretinous register operator then waved them in the air at us, clearly taking great pains to provide us with the least amount of customer care she could muster, and barked "So do you want 'em or not?". Naturally, we declined.

So there's a lesson for us all - at Bi-Lo, it's only free if you pay extra. Somewhat ironic since the store slogan is "Why Pay More!"...
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 06:22
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

Unfortunately Bi-Lo were correct in regards to the scanning policy in place. If you had paid for your item and then gone to the customer service desk and complined/pointed out the mistake then you would have received the the item for free. By pointing it out at the checkout you just rectified the mistake in their favour.
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 07:50
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

It is not necessarily a requirement that you have already paid for the incorrectly priced item to receive it for free.
I shopped at Coles South Lake to purchase a bench top radio priced in the catalogue as $29.00. It scanned at $59.00 and I queried the price immediately. After verifying that the correct price was $29.00, the checkout operator stated that it was policy that I now receive the item for free.

This is not the first time that I have received an item incorrectly scanned for free, well before I have pulled out the credit card to pay.
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 08:40
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

Actually, kilrust, you are incorrect. If they are a signatory to the voluntary scanning policy, it is _not_ a requirement that you have already paid or, even more bizarrely, left the store.
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 09:09
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

Just to clear up the confusion some people seem to have here is the exact wording from the Scanniing Code of Practice document...

A scanning error shall be deemed to have occurred when an item has been scanned, or the correct PLU number entered, and a price higher than the shelf price is displayed at the checkout or on the customer receipt.It is not necessary for the customer to have paid for the item or to have left the store to be entitled to receive the item free of charge.
Code of practice for Computerised Checkout Systems in Supermarkets 2004

Hope that helps.
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 09:57
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

Bi Lo are notorious for charging a higher price for items at checkout but not offering the item for free when the mistake is pointed out. I have found biggish mistakes (in their favour)on my docket from Bi Lo Kawana, returned to the store only to be paid the difference between what I paid and the correct price. I have never once received the item for free.

My other gripe with Bi Lo is that they advertise specials yet even on the first day of the advertised specials being marked down, there is no stock. Once only was I offered a raincheck. Very annoying when you visit the store specifically to stock up on that special.
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 10:59
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

I would contact the checkout service manager during full time hours and/or the store manager. Present the receipt and you should get the item for free.

You do not need to leave the store in order to get it for free.
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 16:42
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

I'm not saying it is right, but if a customer leaves a store, then the store can use the excuse that the customer should have checked first.

PS: I just wish CityRail would honour their "Refund policy form"
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 16:45
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

I too was surprised when I pointed out a price discrepancy at a Coles in Victoria and was given the article for free before I paid. That was after the price was checked and indeed found to be wrong. I was naturally very happy as it was an expensive item. On questioning the store's policy the check-out lady told me that was store policy with one condition, only the first item is given free, so if you had more than one of the same item the subsequent items are charged at the correct price and you receive the difference.
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 16:52
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

If a store, has say a television shown as $199, yet it scans at $299, does the same policy apply? Or is there a set limit to as far as this policy applies?
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 19:26
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

Yes, the maximum under the supermarket policy is $50.00
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 20:45
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

I was reading the gripe about bilo and i used to work for bilo and the scanning policy is and with any supermarket that if it is scanned up wrong you do get the item for free but working for bilo i was told if it did get scanned for the wrong price you had to give them the difference back and not give them the item for free. They are a cheap company who try to keep their profits up by hiring cheaper and getting rid of the older people and to do this type of practice. Shame on BILO
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 20:46
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

I was told by a family member who works for a large supermarket chain that the scanning policy only applies to grocery lines. ie if a store sells appliances, furniture, eskies etc that these items are outside of the policy. The store can then charge the marked price.
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 23:11
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

While it's not necessary to have paid for the item to receive the free item, it's better to have the receipt in hand and then walk to the front desk to claim the free item. So just act natural when you see a higher price on the cash register screen.
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