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PostPosted: 07 Jul 06 18:30
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

Thanks for that Fraggles. It was interesting to hear that background. Your last part about compliance is an element of those voluntary codes. As they're voluntary, there can be no real penalty if they don't comply. I have had call to escalate to the ARA a couple of times, and both worked out, fortunately.
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PostPosted: 07 Jul 06 15:09
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

Most of the advice on this issue is very sound.

A couple of years ago I actually worked on the review of the scanning code of conduct (when it was changed to specifically exclude alcohol and tobacco).

While you do not have to wait until items are paid for, some stores seem to be under the impression that this is the case.

When this was tried on me, I just started loudly quoting the sections and subsections of the code that applied (this was while I was working on the review), and promptly received my refund. After this incident, when I am at this store, I simply don't mention any mis-scans until I have the receipt - while it's not necessary, it at least stops them from even trying to get out of it that way.

I have noticed the negative impact the code has on some smaller stores - in that consumers expect it for free, even if they are not in a supermarket - something a small retailer cannot afford to do.

If a supermarket does refuse the refund however, the code contains provisions for appeal and it is something you can take to the Australian Retailers Association (administrator of the code). ARA has review procedures in place, and have a little bit of clout, but if a supermarket really digs in its heels and refuses to pay up, the ARA can't really do anything to them. The most that could be said is that the supermarket is engaging in Misleading and Deceptive conduct by saying they adhere to the Code when they don't.
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PostPosted: 05 Jul 06 11:54
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

With regard to the Bi-Lo refund policy, Bi-Lo like most supermatkets, are party to the "Voluntary" code of practice on scanning. This states in essence, that an item that scans higher than the shelf or advertised price, shall be given free to the customer. A rort tried by some customers in the early days when scanning was introduced, was to buy multiples of the wrongly scanned item, hopeing to get all for free. So the policy was changes to apply to one item only. This scanning policy was introduced when the Gov. allowd scanning to operate in supermarkets, and was agreed by the Gov. as a voluntary self regulating policy. And as far as I am aware, Bi-Lo are still party to the agreement. Just to confuse matters even more, under consumer law, an item for sale and its marked price, are not a contract until you, the customer, make an offer to buy at the checkout and the store accepts your offer. this allows the store to correct any wrongly priced item at the checkout. So even if an item is priced incorrectly, the store can demand you pay the proper price. So you can see why the Gov. allowed the supermarkets to enact a voluntary code for scanning, instead of making it law. If they had made it law, they would have had to change consumer law for all retail stores. I hope this makes things a little clearer. All of the Bi-Lo, Coles and Woolworths stores that I have ever had this problem with have done the right thing.
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PostPosted: 02 Jul 06 07:45
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

Tangles: As much as I love Christies - please DO NOT bother writing - or receiving answers from Bi- Lo go straight to the HEALTH DEPARTMENT.
About 98% sure you have one over there!

THAT is NGE, in my opinion....for what it is worth.

That should 'put paid' to their little capers, and I consider damned laziness plus putting peoples' health at risk. icon_evil.gif

Good luck! icon_wink.gif
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PostPosted: 01 Jul 06 18:34
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

I dont know if I should post this here, but it also concerns BILO.

My local Bilo store at Christies Beach SA is staffed by people who really dont care about the cleanliness of their store, in particular the milk fridge, which is in a filthy state.

Numerous hints/requests have failed to get a response as has a letter written to their head office in Victoria. Now I realise milk is packaged, but I think the sight of thick gunk encrusted on the shelves and recesses around the doors is a bit much.

I am now considering contacting my local board of health to get something done.
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PostPosted: 27 Jun 06 14:17
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

Touche Topsi4 - I also will not shop at BiLo Kawana for the same reason.
Not only do they quite often charge more than advertised for items, but when you get home you realised they have scanned items several times. It just got too frustrating to keep returning for refunds. eusa_wall.gif
So long as you don't mind battling the crowds, Woolies are somewhat more honest.
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PostPosted: 27 Jun 06 13:48
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

Correct, it's both voluntary and only prepared for supermarkets as the nature of their business and trading is distinct from others.
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PostPosted: 27 Jun 06 12:37
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

I too have experienced this with smaller independantly owned stores, when I have pointed this out they have said they are not party to the pricing codes policy,so have just refunded the difference.this also has applied at kmarts,target where I have been told by staff members it doesn't apply to them.
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PostPosted: 27 Jun 06 11:30
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

The scanning policy also does not apply to alcohol or tobacco that they sell eg. liquorland or macs liquor.
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 23:11
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

While it's not necessary to have paid for the item to receive the free item, it's better to have the receipt in hand and then walk to the front desk to claim the free item. So just act natural when you see a higher price on the cash register screen.
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 20:46
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

I was told by a family member who works for a large supermarket chain that the scanning policy only applies to grocery lines. ie if a store sells appliances, furniture, eskies etc that these items are outside of the policy. The store can then charge the marked price.
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 20:45
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

I was reading the gripe about bilo and i used to work for bilo and the scanning policy is and with any supermarket that if it is scanned up wrong you do get the item for free but working for bilo i was told if it did get scanned for the wrong price you had to give them the difference back and not give them the item for free. They are a cheap company who try to keep their profits up by hiring cheaper and getting rid of the older people and to do this type of practice. Shame on BILO
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 19:26
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

Yes, the maximum under the supermarket policy is $50.00
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 16:52
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

If a store, has say a television shown as $199, yet it scans at $299, does the same policy apply? Or is there a set limit to as far as this policy applies?
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 06 16:45
Post subject: Bi Lo Supermarkets

I too was surprised when I pointed out a price discrepancy at a Coles in Victoria and was given the article for free before I paid. That was after the price was checked and indeed found to be wrong. I was naturally very happy as it was an expensive item. On questioning the store's policy the check-out lady told me that was store policy with one condition, only the first item is given free, so if you had more than one of the same item the subsequent items are charged at the correct price and you receive the difference.
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