Etihad Airways
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PostPosted: 18 Dec 08 18:13
Post subject: Etihad Airways

Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with Etihad airways at all?

I'm a very occasional international traveler, and did intend on traveling overseas in June, but put off due to costs and a couple of other factors. But their pricing is making me re-think my decision.

Although I am worried that their bargain pricing may result in too many special conditions being attached.
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PostPosted: 26 Jan 09 22:32
Post subject: Etihad Airways

Hi Danny_B
I was looking to book a trip to Europe and Etihad Airways was top of my list until I started researching them on-line. Too many complaints from what I could see.
I compared them to Qantas (..some complaints) and Singapore Airlines (no complaints)
I eventually booked directly with Singapore airlines, whilst not the cheapest, they certainly don't give me cause for concern with their reputation
Hope this helps
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PostPosted: 27 Jan 09 20:10
Post subject: Etihad Airways

Thanks pestmaster. I flew Singapore last time, and their service was amazing.

I couldn't find anyone that had flown Etihad at all (good or bad), so I've ended up booking Qantas flights to San Francisco. I'm planning on making my way across Canada and US to New York.

There's some pretty cheap deals from US to London at the moment, and I'm hoping they may even come down further. So in the end, I'll just be taking a bit of a detour to get there, for a small extra cost.
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PostPosted: 27 Jan 09 20:28
Post subject: Etihad Airways

Anyone considering anything more than a simple return overseas flight to Europe or the Americas should seriously look at oneworld fares like the circle pacific and oneworld explorer - infinitely better value, particularly in first and business - eg: Round the world business with 16 sectors is frequently cheaper than Sydney-London return in business.
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PostPosted: 29 Jan 09 17:47
Post subject: Etihad Airways

At the time, this worked out far cheaper than the cheapest round the world I could get, plus it's more convenient to be in Canada at the start and finish of my trip. Depending on exchange rates, and prices for NY to London, this still may work out cheaper.
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PostPosted: 09 Mar 09 22:04
Post subject: Etihad Airways


I am writing to you RE: an experience my family and I had on flight, Etihad Airway Ey 0612, we are a family of 4 with my wife’s nephew also travelling with us.

On Saturday 28th February 2009 my family and I arrived to Casablanca international airport at 6.30am to depart to Australia. We went through the usual protocol, we arrived to where the passengers were boarding, handed our tickets to the ground crew.
This is where the problem started; we were given the wrong boarding passes without our knowledge. The lady at the boarding department gave us a pass from Abu Dhabi to Australia. We made our way down to the plane. As we arrived into the plane we were given directions on where we were seated.

We made our way only to find that the seats were allocated to two other passengers and my wife was seated 13 aisles away. I sat my two kids down, aged 4 and 6, and made my way to the front of the plane to discuss the problem. I raised the matter with one of the flight attendants only to be told that nothing can be done about it as the flight was full and return to my seat. I knew for a fact that there were 17 spare seats and five of them were side by side, we got into a disagreement, she was rude and disrespectful to me and my wife, called my wife a dog and a number of other rude words. I reminded her over and over again that this is their mistake and it has to be rectified before we fly. I requested to speak to the Captain at lease five times and was again rejected that privilege.

The plane was delayed for over an hour and a half, we were told either we apologise to the flight attendant or we had to all leave the plane, there was no other alternative.
By then the other passengers were getting involved with rude comments to the staff about their behaviour towards us. We were then told to leave. They removed our luggage, left it on the runway, sent us on our way. Mind you it was around 9 degrees. No body from the entire Etihad Airway would help us or wanted to get involved.
I am requesting immediate action towards the flight crew and dismissal of 'S', flight crew chief. This whole matter was handled wrong and this should have never happened, we should have never been told to leave the plane icon_evil.gif
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PostPosted: 10 Mar 09 19:34
Post subject: Etihad Airways

Good luck with what you want, I doubt they will be sacked.

How did you get back to Australia?

The terms and conditions allow your seats to be changed at any time even after boarding. As long as one parent was next to the children that is enough.

Sometimes you need to swallow your pride and move on. Even if you are right you will never win a fight with an FA, they can ask you to leave for virtually any reason and if the captain supports them you need to start walking immediately. No ifs, no buts.
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PostPosted: 24 Dec 09 16:31
Post subject: Etihad Airways

Dear sir /madam .
It is with great horror that I write to you to day.Having travelled with a party of 4 ( EY 12 06/Dec/09) from London, to Melbourne. Kosher meals were provided but some items were still frozen , after a brief stop in Abu Dhabi an intresting Airport with lovely staff ,well the guest workers were .The locals working in the Airport I found to be obnoxious and rude, the airport lacks sufficient amenities.with a 7 minuet walk to the toilets from the departure lounge.Which is surprising considering that it is new . I have hard questions about the peoples of the civilised world, doing business with countries that have laws in place to allow husbands to beat there wives , children and in some cases the servant. We continued our trip (EY 460 06/Dec 09) as we were taking our seats I enquired about my party's Kosher meals, I was told that the meals were on-board.However when these meals were served we were presented on a Tray containing one apple one manderean and a $#@%^&*, this was served with a note statting that it was Kosher, Picture enclosed . However it was certainty not a Kosher meal . It would seam that Etihad Airways now have the abilaty to give Kosher statues, unfortunately for your company You do not have the ability or the authority to grant/give Kosher certification, and in the USA this is a federal offence and punished with a minimum jail term. It would seem strange that Etihad offer a vast choice in inflight catering from Halal to Vegan , but for Kosher out of Abu Dhabi non existence, strange as Rabbi Canntor out of BangCock supplies most airlines in the area, Emirates ext,. I will aspect the following refund for the Abu Dhabi to Melbourne stage for me and my party. I also require insurances that this will not happen again. and finally an upgrade for the return trip for me and my party.As this was not a case of a not delivered meal this was a case of your company miss represented the meals sold/delivered a meal that they made Kosher.
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PostPosted: 24 Dec 09 17:59
Post subject: Etihad Airways

So to summarise, and ignoring the racist generalisations:
you were given a meal from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne, but /allege/ that it was not Kosher although it was meant to be.

In return you want a full refund for that flight, a full assurance of it not happening again, plus inflight upgrade for the return trip!

I'd hate to see your list of demands if there was actually something significantly wrong on the flight! If your claim is correct, I'd suggest they might need to reimburse you for the meal... maybe $10.
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PostPosted: 24 Dec 09 19:01
Post subject: Etihad Airways

Considering the brilliant use of language, slurs, and general pomposity, I would categorise this post as a troll, no more and no less. icon_rolleyes.gif
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PostPosted: 24 Dec 09 21:10
Post subject: Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, which is an Arab country, why would you expect a kosher meal?

I agree with the 2 comments above, however I read a few complaints on this website, and when people are upset the often say things like," he was fat, he stunk, she was Jewish, she was blond" etc etc
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PostPosted: 25 Dec 09 05:55
Post subject: Etihad Airways


>Etihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, which is an Arab country, why would you expect a kosher meal?

If you are in international business, and you advertise to your clients you will provide a kosher meal, you have an obligation; if you won't you should not claim you will.

That being written, the definition of what needs to be done versus what is actually done happens at the coal face. A few anti-Jewish characters in the kitchen could easily destroy any corporate intention. This is certainly not unique to Etihad. How many stories have we read about Muslims going into critical mass over "unclean" food! More than a few! In most cases it was totally unintentional. All it takes is a new catering manager without a clue, and off one goes into posts such as shimonclare's.

The seriously religious are often entertaining in their interpretations of personal religious harms as well as their rituals and convictions that they alone are the chosen ones. icon_rolleyes.gif
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PostPosted: 25 Dec 09 10:35
Post subject: Etihad Airways

CF, I agree with your first paragraph, but what I said basically, is that this airline belong to an Arab country. (nothing wrong with that) The hatred between Arabs and Jews is very deep and goes back 100s of years, why would a Jewish man ask for a Kosher meal, let alone fly with them and then complain.
Just like you said, "a few anti Jewish characters in the kitchen" and who knows what can happened.
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PostPosted: 12 Jan 10 09:06
Post subject: Etihad Airways

Why on earth would anyone fly with an airline whose pilots would be happy to die for allah?

NGE Note: We should delete this comment but instead we'll let it attract the derision it deserves.
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PostPosted: 12 Jan 10 11:27
Post subject: Etihad Airways

It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.
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