BMW: Refused to honour their agreement
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PostPosted: 22 Mar 09 08:31
Post subject: BMW: Refused to honour their agreement

We purchased our BMW from Col Crawford 31/1/2008 last year. The vehicle was bought under BMW premium selection and it was previously owned by BMW Australia. Prior to signing the contract, the saleperson told us that this vehicle comes with a 12 months free complimentary scheduled servicing at any BMW authorised dealership. I asked him whether he would need to write it down in the contract, he said words to the following effect "No, it should be on the system. You can take your car for a complimentary scheduled servicing at any dealership, even in Melbourne if you want to." We trusted his words and proceeded with the purchase, signed the contract and took the delivery of the vehicle accordingly.

Last week we took our BMW for a complimentary service at BMW Sydney (as the 12 mths period is due to expire) and was advised that there would be a fee for the service, the system did not indicate any complimentary scheduled servicing for our vehicle at all. I was totally shocked, the service manager at BMW Sydney then advised me that I need to contact Col Crawford to sort this out.

After numerous phone calls and discussions with the manager at Col Crawford. They denied such an agreement and claimed the following:

1. The car was not bought under BMW premium selection (even though we bought the car under BMW premium selection)

2. They would not honour any verbal agreement from the saleperson.

I am utterly disappointed that Col Crawford refused to honour their agreement nor offered any compensate for their misrepresentation. Accordingly to the BMW Australia official website, all used vehicle bought under BMW premium selection should comes with a complimentary scheduled servicing. I believe we have been treated unfairly and unreasonably by the Col Crawford dealership.

I have written a letter to BMW Australia, do you think I have a strong case to file a complaint against Col Crawford at the NSW Office of Fair Trading for misrepresentation. (given the representation was provided orally) What other options do I have?

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PostPosted: 22 Mar 09 23:54
Post subject: BMW: Refused to honour their agreement

With a car deal if you do not get it in writing you are mad.
Unfortunately now it has spread across all big business. "honour even a written contract inder protest>"
It is high time the Accc got their head out of the clouds and their bums off their seats and got their hands dirty.
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PostPosted: 23 Mar 09 16:23
Post subject: BMW: Refused to honour their agreement

Sorry to hear about your dramas with Col Crawford.
Unfortunately, they have a long history of this behaviour.

I bought my first car from there 20 years ago.
It was a near new (17,000klms) Nissan with 12 month warranty.

Sales people very nice, service people nice..... until problems.

The syncro had issues at 30,000klms, some 4 months before the end of warranty.

I took it to the service manager at least 10 times, who drove the car with me and it would not crunch as badly for him.

Turns out he was a skillful little service manager - double-clutching to prevent the issue from showing up.

I was too young and stupid to realise what was going on, however I knew something smelt rotten.

So I complained over and over. They continued to see me and drive the car, then say there was nothing wrong.

You see, what I also didn't realise was that they were trying to ride the remainder of warranty period out so they didn't have to undertake major works on the car at their cost.

Nothing like a little court action via our family lawyer to set things straight.

Don't waste anymore time with these people.

Go to legals and let 'em have it.
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PostPosted: 23 Mar 09 17:18
Post subject: BMW: Refused to honour their agreement

Correct go to Fair Trading You do not know how many other complaints they have about same business.
Also start besieging the ACCC, though Samuels might not realise they have a resposibility to the public.
I sent him a strong, not abusive letter, over Woolworths.
Didn't get a reply, but i bit if they wrote to him the reply would have been quick
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PostPosted: 23 Mar 09 20:36
Post subject: BMW: Refused to honour their agreement

Forget BMW Aus, they are shonks when it comes to used ones! Bought one years ago from Capitol, found out later had been in a massive prang, bent out of shape and impossible to do a wheel alignment because front strut was so messed up. They told me it was a demonstrator when it had in fact been owned by a well known jockey who had had a prang in it! They accused me of fraud and even tried to set me up and show that I had had the car secretly repaired after a prang myself. BMW Aus got involved but only to protect Capitol, they will ignore fair trading and we ended up in court! Short story: they couldn't give a toss!
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PostPosted: 24 Mar 09 16:23
Post subject: BMW: Refused to honour their agreement

before buying a bmw buy a "dog and lemon guide"
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PostPosted: 02 Apr 09 17:43
Post subject: BMW: Refused to honour their agreement

I have bought cars from Col Crawford, but never again. Last time they were indiscreet with my personal information, broke promises, didn't return calls or emails and were generally rude and dismissive. They give BMW a bad name. Con Crawford more like.
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PostPosted: 06 Apr 09 00:00
Post subject: BMW: Refused to honour their agreement

thank for sharing your experience.
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