Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!
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PostPosted: 24 May 09 15:16
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I bought a Wertheim 5035, brand new for $1,395 in Dec. 2006 with a 10yr full warranty.
During that time we have returned this machine 3 times. We are about to send it back for the 4th time tomorrow and we are really pi**ed off!!!
I had a Dyson previously but stupidly went to Godfreys as I wanted a barrel cleaner and thought they could give me good advice and selection - WRONG!!
The power head usually does not work because the pins continually misplace or slide into the unit. This has been fixed and replaced twice. On both occasions it was being sent back to us unrepaired.
Mostly, the powerhead just stops working after a few minutes or just does not start up at all. I am sick of sending it back even though it is always the same issue.
We clean the spinning brush head after EVERY use (when it can be used), we check for blockages, we clean and change filters regulary, we change the bag when it is not even full! Yes - we do all the right things!
This is not a management problem by the user.
At one time, the pins connecting the wand of the powerhead to the cleaner just fell out! Another time, the wand got so hot it burnt the skin and a bad smell emitted from the unit. We turned it off immediately, sent it back for repair and it was returned with no change (one of the times we checked it before leaving the store).
I can assure readers that this is not a lack of regular home servicing, picking up foriegn bodies that block the tube or any other logical faults. We checked all these issues before sending it back for repair as we live quite a long way from our nearest store so a useless trip is not in our benefit.
Except for the fact that I paid so much money for this useless machine, I would have thrown it to the rubbish by now.
In desperation, we asked Godfreys if they could do a trade in for us on an equivelent machine due to all the problems. We were told by their area supervisor that our vacuum cleaner was not worth a trade in as (quote) 'it's just not worth it'. Wonderful!!
How ripped off do you think we feel? What a massive waste of money we spent on a vacuum cleaner that Godfreys assured us would last us many more years beyond the 10yr warranty.
Apart from the useless machine we bought, we have had to put up with cynical people handling the complaints, absolute rudeness to genuine questions to why this lack of service continues to occur and one salesperson even had the gumption to laugh when I told him our experience with trying to get the machine working - I don't think this level of service is funny.
I have no problem paying for quality but I do have a major problem with companies that rip off customers with **** and bad service

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PostPosted: 25 May 09 04:21
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I'm sure a visit to small claims court might help with the problem. Maybe even threatening to go there will help. By my reckoning you still have 7 years warranty on this cleaner. If someone won't honour a warranty on something they are pushing then let them suffer the consequences. Check the terms of the warranty and see if it includes a "lemon guarantee". After several returns for the same problem you are entitled to a new machine or recompense.
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PostPosted: 25 May 09 08:01
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Not to rub it in, but I LOVE our Dyson.

Agree with previous suggestion about small claims - maybe try contacting head office for Godfreys first and advise them this is your plan of action if they fail to assist you.

All the best.
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PostPosted: 25 May 09 10:52
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Have previously bought a Wertheim and can vouch for the fact they are an expensive lemon. Similar problems with the Powerhead and also the vacuum hose was constantly clogging up due to the design of having the powerhead cable inside that hose. Have subsequently bought a Dyson and have had no troubles in the 3 years we've had it. The message is, if you're going to spend big bucks on a vacuum cleaner, get a Dyson!
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PostPosted: 25 May 09 16:35
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Wertheim products are indeed lemons. I have a Wertheim 3180, which I have never been happy with. Godfreys sells these noisy Chinese-made cleaners as top-quality, and they price them accordingly - but in my opinion they are just plain rubbish. Quite apart from the quality issues, you will find that you can't get parts or accessories for this brand from anyone but Godfreys - so they charge an arm and a leg for filters, etc.. I recommend that you avoid this brand altogether.
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PostPosted: 25 May 09 18:01
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

sorry to hear your story. I bought a werthiem vac nine years ago. And I am very hard on vacuum cleaners. I have tugged, yanked and pulled it around bends. the vac and power head have with stood all my treatment (abuse). The only thing i ever replace is the drive belt on the power head. My carpets come up great and I have 3 cats so I am very fussy. It has prolonged the life of my carpets for sure. No denying though the good performance of the dysons from what i hear. My werthiems is one tough machine.
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PostPosted: 27 May 09 15:40
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Yup same here....same brand different model. 2 out of 3 wheels now broken...out of warranty of course. Went to get new ones ordered from Godfreys but same sarcasm by staff when telling them problem. Said they'd call when part came in but they hadn't even been given a phone number at that time or written down anything...what a joke. I knew I'd never get a call and 1 year later haven't heard anything. Just dragging the expensive piece of S#@% around now. Don't even want to waste my time going to Godfreys. New vacuum cleaner, another shop.
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PostPosted: 02 Jun 09 00:15
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

My last vacuum was a plastic body job that cost $69. Probably built in China and bagless. two years on and its still going strong. Does a pretty good job...
Better than 2 grand for something that needs repair...If it packs it in, i'll buy another one...they are now down to $49.
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PostPosted: 11 Jun 09 18:27
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I bought a Worthless Werthheim for over $500.. I went into Godfreys for a Dyson and came out with this hunka junka icon_sad.gif after being convinced it was better..main gripe the stupid cord arangement inside the suction tube..whos idea was that? it just got clogged up every time I used it..
I bought a Dyson for under $500 and I will never have another vaccum brand again.Ive never spent so much on a vaccum as that Werthheim and it is a complete lemon.
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PostPosted: 11 Jun 09 22:21
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I too bought a WERTHEIM vacuum cleaner several years ago and had nothing but trouble with it from the day I brought it home. Never again will I buy that brand and never again will I patronise a Godfreys store. The lies, and smooth talking every time I took it back for repairs, were just that. I foolishly bought it away from my local area as well, which made things even more difficult. In the end, I just put it down to experience, but it was definitely a lemon, or more like a whole lemon tree!
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PostPosted: 12 Jun 09 09:27
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Yes, that's the thing that annoys me the most. I went into Godfrey's wanting to spend good money on a reputable named vacuum and then told by staff that the Werthheim was a superior vacuum which it clearly wasn't. Can't believe I traded my hoover which never skipped a beat for this lemon that cost a bomb!!!
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PostPosted: 12 Jun 09 09:30
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

The problem is not the cleaner, the problem is with Godfreys. You need to make a big nuisance of yourself to the staff. Take it back to the store manager at Godfreys at 4.55pm or during his lunchtime every Saturday afternoon and tell him that until they repair the unit properly or replace it, you will continue to visit them at 4.55pm every saturday or lunchtime.

You should also record in writing every visit you made and who you spoke to.

You should also put your complaint in writing to the Godfreys manager and their Head Office (if applicable) demanding a satisfactory outcome.

You've gotta shake the tree!!!

I have a Wertheim 5035 and have no issues with it. No machine (incl Dyson) has a 100% record on every cleaner; that's why they provide a warranty.
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PostPosted: 27 Oct 09 19:40
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I can only add a similar sorry tale about our expensive Wertheim purchase from Godfreys. The cleaner worked fine for a short time then the troubles began. After a while the thought of confronting those people again and having to put up with their appalling lack of service almost made us physically ill. You'd think that deception and evasion are right up there in the Godfrey's business ethos and training standards. The motor recently blew up after a few short years of domestic service and this has put us out of our misery with this pile of excreta. Expensive lesson learned. It's going to be a Dyson, or Electrolux, or Miele. Anything but a Wertheim. And anywhere but Godfreys. It's a wonder this mob is still trading.
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PostPosted: 12 Nov 09 10:10
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I had to post a similar story about Godfreys.

Some time ago our trusty Hoover died, not unexpected as it was at least 20 years old when I started to use it.

We went to Godfreys looking for a decent bagless cleaner and were immediatley pressured into looking at an expensive Wertheim that frankly did not look like good value.

I tried to look/consider other options such as an Electrolux or Miele (they did not stock Dyson for some reason) but was always taken back to the Wertheim.

However, what riled us was the outright deception and evasion that they came out especailly as we had looked at the 'Choice' vacuum cleaner article. What made us leave was the awful sexist attitude of the sellers.

After about half an hour of this rubbish we went outside to 'consider'the options and promptly waled up to the nearby Harvy Norman and purchased a Dyson for $299 (they were having a special)and as we were parked right outside the Godfreys could not make a big fuss about putting it in the car so they could see icon_biggrin.gif.

Moral is IF they were honest and behaved like proper sales people wer would have probably bought the electrolux they had there.
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PostPosted: 12 Nov 09 15:40
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

My experience mirrors Diddy's earlier post. Old Vacuum Cleaner died in January '04. Went to Godfrey's and was pretty much conned into buying a Wertheim. To say it was a piece of junk is an understatement. Motorised Head only used to run when it felt like it, sometimes the Vacuum wouldn't even turn on at all! After 2 and a half years of this nonsense I finally purchased a Dyson which has been fantastic since Day 1. The Wertheim ended up in the rubbish. eusa_wall.gif
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