Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!
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PostPosted: 21 Aug 11 08:05
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Same prob here. 2 out of 3 wheels now broken on wertheim. Staff at bundle store said they'll order parts in and call but don't ask for my phone number. Told them number and it was scribbled down on some scrap paper. Still dragging the lemon around after 1 year. Never will use Godfreys again!
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PostPosted: 04 Aug 11 20:47
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

> 200 dollars, and they sell it for 1200 dollars, that would still only give you a gross margain of around 83%

Would you work that out long form please? 83% gross on a 6x markup?
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PostPosted: 04 Aug 11 16:47
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I am a current employee at one of the Godfreys stores (after this probably not for much longer). I have carefully read through all of the posts and I am sorry to hear all of the disgruntled customers. In the six years that I have been with the company I have pointed out many serious faults with the machines. Each time I was told that it is an isolated issue and that no other stores had a problem. Several of the models we refuse to sell in the store that I am at.
Because of delays with sending in machines for repair to the service department many of the repairs we are able to do in store. Access to parts for the repairs is often a nightmare where some parts have taken 3-4 months if at all. Unfortunately the attitude of the head people running the company often makes it hard for the individual stores to provide the needed service. Although from many posts people in some of the stores should not have a job where they deal with people.
There have been cases in this store and others in the area where after us getting frustrated with not being able to help some customers we have advised people to speak with the ACCC. When customers do this the company comes to the party fast to resolve the problem.
I do own one of the older wertheim 5030 models and my wife is rough with it. The machine still works better than anything else I have seen. I wont buy a new one as they are not made to the same standard as the old ones.
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PostPosted: 04 Jul 11 14:12
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

@ godfreys ex employee! sir a gross margain of 1000% would be rather impossible in the business of floor care, take for example a product that a company may chose to buy in for let's say 200 dollars, and they sell it for 1200 dollars, that would still only give you a gross margain of around 83%, i'd advise you to look carefully at figures before making such a statement.
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PostPosted: 01 Jul 11 23:25
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

We bought a Wertheim vacuum about 13-14 years ago and had a couple of minor problems which were fixed under warranty. About 3 years ago the Wertheim started to get very noisey so we decided to buy a Dyson. We are now sorry we did and have since had the Wertheim overhauled and used the Dyson for cleaning the car. I don't know if the older Wertheims were built better than the new ones, but we are very happy with ours.
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PostPosted: 26 Jun 11 23:23
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I want to add to the comments: STAY AWAY FROM GODFREYS. They forcibly upsell and shamelessly promote their inhouse brands - hoover and wertheim. They do not give impartial advice. I asked for a low/midrange vacuum and ended up paying 2-3 x what I wanted to. They do not accept refunds as they are probably aware that you will realise that you've been taken for a ride shortly after getting home! Customer service after sale is a lesson in taking abuse.
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PostPosted: 19 Jun 11 10:16
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

WE have a Wertheim purchased 3 or so years ago and have had no problems.
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PostPosted: 14 Jun 11 17:25
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Well Godfreys did us over beautifully on the Hoover we purchased. It boasts that it has HERP whatever that is. First problem occurred within one wek of purchase. The lead stopped retracting the full way. Took it back to Godfreys who had it for two weeks and when it came back they had fixed it by shortening the power lead. Secondly, within a couple of months the hose end broke. Took it back and noticed they had a bunch of these things behind the counter. I asked did they have a problem with the hoses and the answer was no. They replaced that. Next problem is the vacum head splits where the pipe attached. Have a look at the design here and no wonder it split. They replaced that too. Lastly, some 18 months down the track the motor burns out and you guessed it, we can't find the warrnaty. Dragged out the old poverty pack Australian made Volta we had replaced with this Godfreys piece of crap and it did the job until we purchased a new vac last week. Godfreyness next to godliness, you've got to be kidding.
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PostPosted: 13 May 11 00:45
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Wow! How lucky am I.
I have stumbled across this forum while looking for something else tonight. I was about to go to Godfrey's tomorrow and buy a new vacuum cleaner, and yes I was seriously thinking about getting a Wertheim!
Thanks everyone for your time posting your stories. I will definitely be going elsewhere & buying another brand.
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PostPosted: 06 May 11 19:47
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

The wattage is a measure of the electricity consumed. It has no direct relation to performance. A vacuum cleaner sales person who says it is a 'powefull 2400 watts' is conning you. A premium quality 1800 watts vacum cleaner from the USA or Germany will deliver greater performance than a nasty 2400 watt unit. It is more complicated than this in that the wattage is a measure of the rush in at start up. Also, a motor will use less than the 'rated' amount once running.

If you take a bad bearing and fit it to a 1000w motor, the resistance will make it use more power, and the motor would then get a rating of say 15000 watts.

Ducted vacuums are never measured in wattage. They use measures such a air flow, sealed vacuum, and air watts. Other factors such as the fan diameter and number of fan stages also make a difference.

Remember that wattage is consumptionn not perormance.
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PostPosted: 27 Apr 11 21:41
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I agree. Bagless vacuums are a mess no doctor that respect itself will recommend a bagless machine to someone that suffers from allergies or asthma, because when you empty and clean them you breath in a month worth of dust mites your vacuum cleaner was working so hard to filtrate with its high Tec HEPA filter! and it only takes one second to breath all that into your lungs. I have a Dyson and I hate it! I had nothing but trouble. It only has 1400 watts motor (apparently they all do, even the new ones)
And this no loss of suction is no more than just a marketing slogan. As soon as the filters get dirty it will lose suction. So itís best to stick with a bag vacuum or a ducted system vacuum.
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PostPosted: 18 Apr 11 14:27
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Gee, I didn't realise I was one of so many. I too bought a Wertheim 5030 from Godfreys probably about 6 years ago. It was the most I have ever spent on a vacuum cleaner being $1300 which included a ten year "free" maintenance plan. Overall, it has been a good vacuum cleaner in that it always almost sucks the carpet off the floor. My criticism of it would be hoses, handles and rods. I am about to buy the 3rd rod for it now. The last two times it cost me about $60 for a rod. They are expensive because of the built-in electricals for the power head. I just recently had to buy a whole new handle and hose. Godfreys quoted me $250 and I got it on-line for $149.00.

What has been really woeful about it though is Godfreys. Their customer service is the worst. I had one of their stores refuse to roll up their door to take my vacuum cleaner for service eventhough the store had closed 20 minutes early. The staff attitude and conduct is absolutely pitiful most of the time. Whenever my vacuum goes away for it's "free service", invariably I've had to pay for some sort of parts. Often, the vacuum cleaner will return from service with identified problems not having been fixed. On one occasion, I pointed out for a service that the power head light had ceased to work. Sure enough, it came back from service and the power head light still didn't work. When I asked the shop assistant why it hadn't been fixed, he suggested I didn't really need a light on the power head and it should be fine without it. When I told him the light was very handy for seeing under furniture and I wanted it fixed, and refused to take the vacuum cleaner and power head until it was fixed, and refused to pay for it until it was all fixed and returned in working order, the shop assistant became quite noticeably angry and grumpy with me. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY A VACUUM CLEANER FROM GODFREYS AGAIN AND WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE NOT TO BUY FROM THEM EITHER.

I think Godfreys have been a bit of a monopoly for a long time and their service ethic and standards refect that!
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PostPosted: 28 Mar 11 18:57
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

All portable vacuum cleaners, and I mean all, stink relative to a central or ducted vacuum system. Why carry, push and the thning around? And, like a Dysan, you have to empty it almost every time you use it. Although good European portables such as the Miele (with disposable bag note and a good product compared to others and less emptying problems). With a system, you only need to empty it two or three times a year for a large home... and good quality ones, or ones with good quality European or American motors, will last 20+ years. Nothing compares to a good quality system .. a vacuum cleaning system...not a vacuum cleaner.
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PostPosted: 11 Mar 11 18:50
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

If you look into the brand name, its actually owned by godfreys, and they always push it at sale time. When it comes down to it, they are overpriced and mostly unreliable. Wouldn't touch them.
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PostPosted: 08 Mar 11 15:42
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

We bought a Wertheim about five years ago. Spent over $1300 on it. Its been ok. Cuts out every so often but we found out that this was due to the machine over heating. The power head clogs up with the littlest of fibres. When it comes time for a new vacuum cleaner we will be going elsewhere. Not touching godfreys with a barge pole. I wont be buying a dyson, (I dont like bagless machines). Im glad those that have dysons are happy with them. We will just check around when the time comes. Probably in a couple of years time. See what happens.
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