Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!
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PostPosted: 26 Nov 09 13:04
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I agree with all those who have had issues with Godfrey's & Wertheim. I was pressured into purchasing the Wertheim 5035 in November 2006 & what a fool I was. We prevously had a Miele for 20 years with no problems whatsoever & I seriously regret no replacing it for another Miele - a brand I could trust. I will never again purchase from Godfreys nor take anything there for repair, after having taken this lemon back to them 4 times for the same problem (powerhead failure) in less than 3 years. I have sent emails to Wertheim but surprisingly there has been NO response. What a complete waste of money in the original purchase & time & money spent continually returning it to Godfreys.
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PostPosted: 14 Dec 09 17:56
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Crikey - I thought it was just me - same woes with Godfreys and Wertheim. How many more victims?? When our Wertheim died out of warranty (after having numerous problems in warranty) I stupidly agreed to buy a Hoover through Godfreys - 3 months later I took it back when it died and got a replacement one. When this dies (out of warranty) I'll go to Kmart and get the cheapest vac I can. I so miss my Electrolux - took it to Godfreys for repairs - was told we had ruined the engine (though still running), and agreed to trade it in on a Wertheim. Maybe it is time for Godfreys to dump Wertheim if they want any future customers. And how about some honest decent service for customers? What a rort.
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PostPosted: 23 Dec 09 22:12
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

You can add me to the list - spent $1100 on this piece of junk. Have paid for 1 new tube and been given one out of pity already - pins burnt out through bad connection. It's just a lousy design. Light went out in powerhead and guess what ... it's not the bulb ... the 12 volt feed for the light in the head "supposedly" comes from the transformer powering the head ... but because the head still works they won't replace it. Crap vacuum, crap service and I got conned because of a newborn baby and a Current Affair saying they filtered the air the best! I should have stuck with my old faithful Hoover upright (could have purchased a near top of range Hoover for 1/2 the price!)
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PostPosted: 15 Jan 10 09:53
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I've got a Wertheim from Godfreys and I have had so much trouble with it. I agree - it is a piece of rubbish!!

I spent about $800 on this vacuum cleaner - and after using it a couple of times the bulb on the head blew. I took it back and they fixed it.

I've the vacuum for nearly 5 years now and I have changed the power head 3 times and changed the hose 4 times... and spent at least $100 each time.

I took it for a service end of Oct 09 as the powerhead kept turning off when I vacuumed. Godfrey's service area couldn't find the problem with the powerhead but replaced it with a new hose. In Dec 09 the powerhead and hose no longer turns on.

I was going to go in today and complain and get a new vacuum cleaner. But after reading the posts on this thread I think I will go somewhere else and not bother with Godfreys.
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PostPosted: 15 Jan 10 11:44
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I can add another anti-Godfreys/Wertheim story.

About 12 years ago (under Godfrey's previous name of Ausvac), Dad went to Ausvac looking for a Vax (he wanted a shampoo/vacuum combo cleaner). The sales person recommended a Wertheim, claiming it was a new market leader in shampoo/vacuum combo cleaners (and triple the price of a Vax). In the first 12 months, the contraption spent more time at Ausvac getting repaired than at home being used. One day, when we were moving house, we wanted to shampoo the carpets - and of course it didn't work. So Dad went into Ausvac and when he was finished 6 customers had walked out of the store (sadly the issue was never fixed and we pretty much ended up with a very expensive, unreliable vacuum).

Sounds like Ausvac/Godfreys and Wertheim have not learnt their lessons.
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PostPosted: 12 Mar 10 22:44
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Oh I wish had read these gripes before buying my Wertheim. Specifically stated to salesman my requirements biggest con ever. I now have a cheap $45 vacumn cleaner bought in frustration from Woolies. Does a better job than my expensive $600 + lemon.
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PostPosted: 25 Mar 10 15:00
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!


Ex employee here but I wont be telling you anything that can't be figured out with a little digging. Godfreys own the brand Wertheim, Hoover, Ivac and Pullman in Australia. They make or get made for them 100% of the the products under these brand names. The reason the salesman/managers/franchisees want you to buy these brands is that they make the most money / commission on them. To give you an idea of the profit margain on some vacuums they can make 1000%(not a typo). The company was bought out by Private Equity in 2007 and I they aren't doing as well as previous years although some of that will have to do with the economy. This and many other reasons is why I left.
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White Elephant

PostPosted: 13 May 10 23:48
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I couldn't believe how many people like myself got talked into this Wertheim junk, we paid about 1200 and like all the others had only trouble from day one. It's noisy, the bags are overpriced and need to be replaced only 1/2 full because the suction is non existent. It's overheating after about 5 Minutes may be even less. The 'washable' airfilter shouldn't get wet and so on, the staff is telling me that this is the top of the range, but may be I should have asked what range they are talking about, since it's the top of the range in lemons for price and value that's for sure. I would have thrown it in the bin if it wouldn't have cost that much already. Also the 5 year warranty we got was only for the motor but of course whatever goes wrong is never the motor. They know exactly that people will pay for the overpriced junk to be repaired because it's too expensive to throw in the rubbish where it belongs together with Godfreys.
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PostPosted: 15 Jul 10 14:04
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Ouch! I so wished I had discovered this discussion before now. Have been completely sucked in by the Godfrey's spiels on Wertheim. Have spent large sums of money and there's just one problem after another. When it works it's great, but we've had so many problems needing extra expenditure. Previously owned a Dyson and wasn't overly happy with that one either - plastic bits tended to break and it was hard to store.
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4th class citizen

PostPosted: 18 Jul 10 17:04
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Looks then that I have been lucky to date - got a Wertheim and paid around $750 for it - was is a dearer model which should have got but - had had an Electrolux cost $500 for 20 years so thought $750 sounded cheap.

Power head was faulty and it wouldn't come off first time and Godfrey's changed it for me straight away with a parts and head from new model in stock as I wasn't going to wait for spare parts and told them so.

It does a magnificent job - I have German shepherds who live in and out of the house with their own entrance and dog hair is a bit of a problem. This machine sucks it up and the carpets - well first time we did them - looked like they had been cleaned and realized the old cleaner had been struggling too long.

Only had it just on a year but still going - bagless and we just have to empty the container so no worries except the number of times it fills up with dog hair - it goes until the hoses are full of hair and then stops and empty it and off it goes again.

I do agree that lemon laws are needed in Australia for all these things would keep the manufacturers on the ball - particularly with cars been lucky there but then am a Ford Man. icon_biggrin.gif
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PostPosted: 20 Jul 10 21:35
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I also bought one of these big ticket Wertheim vacs from Gawdfreys about 6 or 7 years ago. Whilst I wouldn't go so far as to call it a dud, I would however say that it does the job of any vac about a quarter of it's price. Like paying a Porsche price for a Toyota Camry. Given what user "daneeir" has mentioned below, I don't think I'll bother to step into a Gawdfrey store the next time I'm in the market for a vac.
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PostPosted: 31 Jul 10 13:36
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

I'm so glad I read all these posts, as I am just about to by a new vacuum.
Godfreys always seem to be leader in this field, now I dont know where to go for a good deal.
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PostPosted: 31 Jul 10 13:55
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

It doesn't matter where you go as long as you're happy with the deal. We have a Dyson and we're very happy, you just can' go wrong as Dyson looks after you should anything go wrong
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PostPosted: 29 Oct 10 11:15
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Werhiem vacuum cleaners are trash. Expensive boat anchors. Bought ours from Godawefulreys and its been back twice already. The scutiuon head just stops working. And the staff at Nailsworth Godawefulreys are none too happy to help. Ive learnt 2 things. Do not buy a Werhiem again and certainly not from Godawefulreys.
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PostPosted: 23 Jan 11 09:37
Post subject: Godfreys: Godfreys Wertheim - What a DUD !!

Hi All
The biggest problem with many portable vacuum dealers is that they present their cheap and nasty products made in China as being the original thing ... the same quality when the product came out of the USa or Europe. Hoover name ids owned by godfreys who lable thier cheap and nasty products Hoover, but they are simple cheap and nasty ones made in China and are not worth the money. Bwewn there, got caught and no will only buy Europeqan or USA manufactured ones. Even the Dysan is claimed to be a good product. Not so, check the accessories, exposure to the ducts, low capacity drums etc. Best to check out something like and Miele ... and they can give you the difinive reason as to why ALL vacuum cleaners should be bagged... and not bagless. /they are a leading world appliance manufacturer who only use bags in their vacuumes ... so check out why they do not make a bagless machine.

The Wietherm is the same ... european name, but just real rubbish. There are many others out there who do the same .. Bissel carpet cleaner ... just cheap rubbish.
so if you want a good product, look at where it is made and be prepared to pay more for qulaity.
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