Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con
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PostPosted: 13 Sep 12 21:30
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

The certification industry (Building Surveyors and Inspectors) and the government for privatising it in the first place is to blame. They have let the builders get away with it, even the good certifiers have to fall into line and relax their standards to stay in business.

A builder will generally deal with one Building Surveyor to issue his Building Permits and carry out Building Inspections.
Building Surveyors will sometimes use contract Building Inspectors.
If a Building Surveyor wants to keep the builder's business they will approve building permits & stages of building works that do not comply.
Building Surveyors will push Building Inspectors to approve work they shouldn't, if an inspector keeps failing works, the surveyor will likely choose to not use that inspector.

As a diligent inspector, i was threatened today by said builder for failing works, and they claim I am being harsh, spongy and mis-aligned footings matter.

As a result, the 60km/h inspection (wave as you drive past), inspection by phone or inspection by photo is taking over. Some Building Surveyors choose not to inspect the building works (contrary to law).

As time goes by, all aspects of the industry get worse while the governments let it happen. The Building Surveyors and Building Inspectors have become toothless tigers and some of them are happy to see it happen as it is almost a license to print money.


There are similarities between conflicts of interest and bribes!!!

Imagine the trouble if everyone issuing roadworthies on cars was dodgy.

Picture this...
The Builder "forgets" to book a frame inspection...
A few months later the Builder rings the Surveyor to book a final inspection...
The Surveyor says to the Builder, first strip the plaster to expose the frame so that we can inspect it but the builder does not want to, as this will cost lots of time and money...
The Builder says to the Surveyor "if you want me to keep bringing you the work (money), you'll turn a blind eye to this one and approve it."...
The Building Surveyor buckles as he/she has to pay bills, staff, feed his/her family, etc.
Thinking this Builder is generally not too bad, the Building Surveyor takes the risk and lets it slide with no frame inspection...
This is an extreme case, though not that rare as you might think; but the end result is that YOU GET A RUBBISH DREAM HOME as it has not been properly checked during the building process.

Don't believe me? Check the link below from the Victorian Auditor Generals Office

96% of Building Permits examined by the VAGO did not comply.

They design to the bare minimum and we as Inspectors (the good ones) struggle to get them to build to that minimum.

We can only hope that things improve soon as these problems are ultimately destroying lives/families.
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PostPosted: 29 Sep 11 19:02
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

better trust a pig can build a house FOR YOU INSTEAD OF trusting this rubbish metricon
they are only qualify to build my dog house

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never building again

PostPosted: 04 Jul 11 19:25
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

we have finally finished building with metricon and still having dramas with our house. In response to the variations.. they got a verbal consent of us for one plumming with no amount written only a verbal amount from building aupervisor. 3 months later they sent us the bill. work had already been carried out and no further discussion with us. end result. they qouted us over double the verbal agreement. so we asked for all invoices. turns out the recharged us for the concret they used for laying the slab!! yes we picked it up, when we tried to talk to them about it they said we were wrong my husband told them to call back when they had a better look. a week later... oh sorry you were right!!! that is only one in the long list of problems we had building.. will never go near them again! check check check and check again.. better still go with someone else!
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PostPosted: 02 Jul 11 16:01
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

We am in the process of building a Metricon home. We have had a few instances Metricon seeking to force us to sign expensive variations.
Luckily I am studying law at university and so far they have not succeeded charging us any exorbitant variation fees.
I am interested in hearing from any one who feels that items may have been deliberately misdescribed in their contract so that Metricon were able to charge a variation fee.
I am also interested in hearing about the processes that Metricon uses to sign the building contracts.
What were the circumstances of your signing experience?
Were you given a realistic opportunity to read through the whole contract before being asked to sign?
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PostPosted: 03 Mar 11 16:32
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

We built a new home with Metri-con and found within a few months that it is falling to pieces because of major plumbing/drainage faults causing up to 70mm of heave to the slab.Metri-con have attempted to fix the problem 3 times and only cause more problems and hide from new failures.
Doors are jammed, walls are cracking and lifting, cornices are falling down,roof trusses are buckling and cracking roof pointing, bricks cracking all around the house just to name a few things.
Metricon hope we will not have the resources to fight for our rights.
Guess what I have a fighting fund and information about other Metri-con clients in the same predicament.
I will go public if necessary, but at this stage I will let the solicitors and engineers fight for me. Do not build with Metri-con.
We have been left surrounded by mud, with no driveway and no access to our garage.
Metri-con do not respond to our solicitor in an attempt to frustrate justice. eusa_wall.gif eusa_wall.gif
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PostPosted: 09 Feb 11 11:56
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

I built with MetriCON 4 years ago. I have had more than 100 days off work to accommodate their maintenance schedules. The house has had major problems, from badly laid floor tiles, leaking and slumping roof and ineffectual "fix-it" maintenance that doesn't really correct the defect. One of the greatest problems is that Metricon staff seem to be trained to be deaf, dumb and blind. They won't acknowledge anything in writing, say they cant see very visible problems that everyone outside of Metricon can see, and if they do actually acknowledge a problem, often stall repairs until the employee has left. Therefore, the problem never existed and either becomes a new one to be stalled once again, or is said to be "so old" that they won't look at it. When they do send a maintenance team, many of the problems on their list are rarely repaired or fixed properly, thus requiring multiple return visits to look at, discuss, or "fix" the same thing. Metricon have now virtually inferred that I was am vexatious complainer and rather than fix the multiple problems in my home, have put it in the hands of their legal team. Metricon took my life savings and built me a lifetime of heartache. My advice is DON'T build with Metricon. Pass this experience on to as many people as you can who are considering building their own home.
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PostPosted: 07 Feb 11 15:40
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

I'm a small builder. just some points.
Most builders big or small use sub contractors.
The best place to complain is your state authority eg in NSW the Dept of Fair Trading. They will have building experts to assess your claim against the building code of Australia. They must act on / assess a complaint from an owner.
Before you start look up your builders complaint record. You can do this on line but you will need the builders licence number. This should be on any advertising material.
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PostPosted: 04 Feb 11 17:51
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

i swear to god i will never use metricon in my entire life it's a rubbish builder i have 28 problem when i move into the house and some of the problem even a 3 yrs old kids know it and how on earth did the site manager do the inspection

Probably the site manager is only qualify to build or inspect a dog house
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the money pit

PostPosted: 06 Jan 11 23:43
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

We built the Tribecca 40 with $100k in extras with Metricon 3yrs ago in Melbourneís western suburbs; whilst the contract making was a nightmare (I officially have 10 plans and 100 variations). We consider that was a play in the park compared to the building and post settlement repairs, the maintenance crew and I are on first name basis, and I even know how many sugars they take in their coffee. They regularly present themselves here approximately every three months to do so called repairs, so called because they are ghastly and worse than the fault, this now makes us highly reluctant to call them. Whilst I understand that nothing is perfect, and the house is double story and large, it is frustrating and disheartening when you have an understanding that mistakes happen, but the errors of this home goes into the hundreds and continually grows on a daily basis. Then to add further insult, it is infuriating when you allocate days off work to have only a quarter of the existing and acknowledged repairs attempted, and to have to repeat the process consistently due to the inferior quality, unfinished and unsupervised repairs. Add to that the time sending emails and making phone calls to Metricon in an attempt to gain their attention. An example of a Metricon solution: We asked the supervisor and his manager to inspect a failed repair of the garage (a silver strip siliconed with a few small screws directly into the slab of the garage floor to prevent the flooding), the manager looked at garage floor and saw the tyre marks to the husbands Patrol 4wd and trailer and asked if he puts them in the garage. When we answered yes to the question, the manager kindly asked us not to because the strip couldnít hold up to the weight. The husband replied ďIím sorry I mistook that the garage was for cars, tomorrow Iíll park it in the kitchenĒ. We donít think that we asked for the impossible, build us a beautiful house and project manage that house, that is why we didnít mind paying an inflated price for the privilege of a knowledgeable builder, Metricon didnít argue when it came to taking the money, but the goods fell truly short of the mark and they are fighting to make us weary and for us to pay the thousands of dollars to bring this house into par. This I will probably do however; not before I open this house to the public for free inspection of the true quality of their workmanship. eusa_wall.gif eusa_wall.gif
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PostPosted: 13 Nov 10 18:09
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

Did you know that a draftsperson can do the same work as an architect but for a lot less and that there are only 53 licenced draftspersons in the whole of South East QLD due to a red tape. QLD is the only state where a drafting licence is required.
I once worked for a project / kit home builder and the timber above the windows called lintels had to be soft pine because it was cheaper and the boss could keep driving his BMW. All the engineers I have worked for refuse to use soft pine above the windows because it is an inferior quality and over time the windows will not close properly.
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Milton Lex

PostPosted: 12 Nov 10 19:07
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

We built with Metricon several years ago and learnt from early on not to trust them. We posted here several years ago about our hell of an experiance we went through. To no surprise nothing has changed with their lack of service. We have had a portico leak about 4 times and each time it takes 2-3months of communication to even get someone to respond, let alone fix it (and guess what, its leaking again). To anyone who is building a house, get an independant inspector at each stage and do your homework to better educate yourself about what is right and wrong. Stick up for that you believe is right. A couple of grand is worth it with the amount of defects that were picked up...
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PostPosted: 20 Dec 09 17:28
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

Hi Lea.

I would like to add something about the BSA in Queensland.

For the BSA employees to show any interest at all, the complaints have to come direct from the homeowner, nobody else will be listened to. The builder can in a very confortable way do incorrect or substandard work, which can seriously compromise and or effect a later trade, and the BSA's answer (as I had), sorry, we are not interested if you are not the homeowner.

A tradesman could hold (pay for) a license, the BSA happily will accept the money for it, but when a builder and their shonky supervisors deliberately put the integrity of quality work of a tradesman at risk, they simply are not interested when informed about it. GREAT ! and best of all, USEFUL for a tradesman trying to work by Australian Standards as it should be.

In terms, you can see something really nasty (substandard and incorrect), which could compromise your work if you go ahead with the job, but as a tradesman, don't bother to tell either the builder or it's supervisor or it's main contractor or the BSA because none care. The builder/supervisor will simply say, "if you don't want to do it, I'll get someone who will", the main contractor will say the same as the builder/supervisor and the BSA tells you "if you're not the homeowner, we're not interested".


Posted: 20 Jul 09 08:57
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con


Mooloo - If you're in Qld you can contact the QBSA (they are the government run organisation that grant licenses in Qld to builders) They are there to protect both the builder and the customer. Contact them or the equivalent authority in your state to help get things resolved.
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PostPosted: 20 Dec 09 16:51
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

Hi Tomo49.
I would like to point out a couple of things regarding your experience with sub-contractors.

You need to know that most building supervisors put every possible tradesman, on top of each other. REGARDLESS whether their respective jobs are compatible or not with each other, at the same time. More often than not, you'll find a few "painters" doing their thing while the "tilers" are trying to keep SAFE the wet tiles just laid while the Fixers (carpenters), electricians, plasterers, roof insulators, kitchen cabinet installers, PC deliveries, etc have a job to do too on the same day at the same place. By the way, most of these subbies, if not all are getting paid the same rates as 20 YEARS AGO - Is the house the same price as 20 years ago??
Most likely the supervisor said to each and every subby, "HURRY UP, be onsite the job is ready, the house has to be finished". When the tradesman gets onsite, the job is not actually ready and it's the third or fourth day in a row that he has been ready to start, but the trade before is not finished yet. And for the subby, it's another day with travelling expenses, no work and no pay, but guess what?? THE JOB IS READY!!
And builders who actually do the physical work themselves (other than making phone calls) are as rare as hen's teeth.
Let me tell you that two weeks ago, I worked on a building site that the builder doesn't even supply a rubbish bin. So while being inducted to the site, we are seriously informed that we have to take home daily any rubbish, dirty water, left over of plaster, timber skirtings, tiles, you just name it . Yes, in 2009.

Tomo49 said:
I feel sorry for you....I had the same experience with "Glenwood Homes" when I was in Darwin and they simply walked out of Darwin and left all their warranty work behind them and went back to Cairns with their tail between their legs.....It cost me $1500 to have the outside of my house scraped and repainted as the idiots had applied the painted before the concrete bagging had dried properly and consequently over a few months the paint began to sag and run down the wall....The lesson to be learnt here is NEVER employ a builder who uses sub contractors as they just don't care and it is too difficult to get them back to redo lousy work...instead use a builder who will build the house himself with his permanent staff and pride will help get a good

Posted: 25 Jul 09 17:38
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con
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PostPosted: 20 Dec 09 15:49
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

Hi everyone, first of all I like to say hello and contribute if possible to the gripe about Metricon Homes.

I've never been a client of theirs and I never will be, after the way in which they conduct themselves. I'm talking about the houses being built in the corridor between Brisbane and Gold Coast.

My experience is different from most of you, as I was subcontracting the Wall and Floor tiling direct from the main Wall and Floor Tiling contractor (paying a percentage to get the work).

There are at least three "super"visors or site managers that you can hardly understand how 1. They got the job and 2. How they keep it. Perhaps thats the way Manangement from Metricon wants it.
I ended up refusing to work on their houses because of the dirt and contamination on the surfaces that were to be tiled and the even more frequent poor installation of the waterproofing.
I have several photos available from different job sites, ranging from the concrete levels sloping the wrong way in wet areas (Metricon do not want screeding to be levelled up correctly), to areas completely contaminated with paint sprayed on the surfaces to be tiled and Metricon and the main tiling contractor call this READY FOR TILING!
In some houses the waterproofing was broken down and both the site manager and the tiling contractor agree to: JUST TILE IT.
I won't forget to mention the several attempts from these supervisors asking to do work for free. That means mending and making good previous tradesman's bad workmanship, which in terms just shows a complete lack of care by Metricon employees. One of these so called "supervisors", you're lucky to see him once in 8-10 days as he doesn't bother to show up.
And if you think that they'll answer your calls..... forget it. If they don't answer tradesman's calls, they probably won't answer yours either.
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PostPosted: 13 Aug 09 22:13
Post subject: Metricon Homes: Nothing metric about! them Just a metric con

Metricon Homes have a reputation of being shoddy & taking short cuts & then they fight you in court. I knew a person where her 2 storey town house was built without a damp course & no flashing on any of the windows. There were other issues but I cannot recall all of them She got experts to do reports at her expense but Metricon basically ignored these & the only way was to go to court. With limited resourses what can you do? And they bank on this response. My recommendation would be not to deal with them in any way without an iron clad contract which dictates precisely what & when they do so that if they faal behind or fail stiff penalties apply. But they would never agree to this type of contract.
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