Yellow Pages: Wouldn't return my calls
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PostPosted: 22 Aug 09 17:40
Post subject: Yellow Pages: Wouldn't return my calls

This is regarding the poor service i have recieved from yellow pages.

After i first signed up my consultant wouldn't return any calls. I would try call, be hung up on and she would switch her phone off.

I just found out that she had made an error on her part and instead of the $172.75 i am meant to be paying monthly it has jumped up to $444 which they are automatically debiting from my bank account. I was told that the payments are "back pay" for last year and they have automatically renewed my contract with them without me signing.

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PostPosted: 24 Aug 09 14:39
Post subject: Yellow Pages: Wouldn't return my calls

I work for YP and am happy to help you try and get this resolved.
I have emailed my details to NGE so hopefully they will be able to get these to you within the next day or so.

NGE Note: Brandaide has forwarded company registration information to Sensis.
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PostPosted: 25 Aug 09 21:16
Post subject: Yellow Pages: Wouldn't return my calls

No service, no pay?

Not sure your legal standing on canceling an automatic debit from your account for services that have, or are, being rendered, but this sounds suspiciously like you're not getting what you've paid for in any case.

Certainly hiking up the bill from the previous year and collecting from you retrospectively, without notification - and without a very serious explanation - is unethical, to say the least.

Hope the person at YP does something to you to salvage Telstra's not at all impressive reputation, at least in this one instance.

Let us know how it turns out, hey?
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PostPosted: 16 Sep 09 12:40
Post subject: Yellow Pages: Wouldn't return my calls

I have the same/similar problem - had phone consultant, gave details of my business, said I only wanted a minimal ad - then found a big ad in bold with everything on it including website address and e-mail address (which were wrong). They said they had sent a letter confirming details and I said no you didn't - still ongoing, good luck
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PostPosted: 02 Oct 09 18:41
Post subject: Yellow Pages: Wouldn't return my calls

We had a problem with YP in that they tried to charge us for unauthorised advertising. It happened 3 years in a row. The first decline to advertise was via our solicitor when we purchased the business. After the first time when they still charged us, we sent a letter stating that we do not wish to advertise and in years 2 and 3 we made them dig out the letter but still the issue was only magically resolved when we advised YP that we would be talking to the Telecommunications Ombudsman.
However this does not stop the cold calling by YP/sensis trying to still sell advertising. We now ask anybody flogging ads to send it in writing and advise them they we only authorise in writing. Surprisingly it seems that most of them cannot actually write as we do not hear from them again.
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PostPosted: 14 Oct 09 09:27
Post subject: Yellow Pages: Wouldn't return my calls

Just as a general note to anyone having problems with businesses debiting your accounts.
Just change your bank account number
We had to change banks to stop anz ripping money out

When you have a auto deduction in place (as we did with anz), it gives them the right to deduct whatever they feel like taking (it's usually written in the small print)
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