Any experience with amaysim mobile?
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PostPosted: 19 Jun 12 09:36
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

Yes, had good experiences with Amaysim. They use Optus network. I found excellent service and terrific for low users. The only issue is reception indoors with Optus.
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PostPosted: 19 Jun 12 08:38
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

I have been using AMASIM for 5 months (prehaps longer) and can endorse all the positive comments so far. I have reccommended them to 6 or 8 friends so far.

We are extreemly light mobile voice phone users so I really like their PAYG system with post pay. I get a bill for a few calls every 3 months or so. I really want the data side to use with my Samsung Galaxy smart phone and auto renew $9.90 per month for 2GB data which is more than enough for me (and to share with up to 4 others at meetings).

Optus voice and data services are still quite patchy around Canberra but great in the South where we are.

Great service from AMAYSIM!
Cheers - JohnS in cold windy Canberra
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PostPosted: 19 Jun 12 07:24
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

I don't use my mobile a lot and have an Amaysim PAYG account. If I've used under $15 in a month, they send me an email telling me they'll add it to next month's bill. They will wait up to three months before billing me if the usage is small and they always send the email.

Any time I've had a problem, such as a lost credit card on one occasion, they were a pleasure to deal with. Always so polite and helpful. If there is anything to criticize, it's the waiting time before the call is dealt with, but then that applies to nearly every organisation and at least with Amaysim, the call is free!

Great service, great prices.
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PostPosted: 03 May 12 21:26
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

Hi commodore98,

What fascinates me about the entire charging game is that people still flock to the misrepresented CAP plans looking at "value" rather than their costs of service, and sometimes the plan-subsidized phones.

By a phone outright, use amaysim on the PAYG or unlimited plans, and most people would save a considerable amount over 2 years compared to the big names.

I have been with amaysim since Jan 2011 and have nothing but praise. Clear and fair pricing, no games, no spin, just good service and good value using the Optus network. As you posted, they have also reduced their call rates. They are the class act of providers in Australia.

Reads like an advert, but I have no connection with them except as a customer. No pun intended.

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PostPosted: 03 May 12 21:11
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

Hi Krusty, (a bit late, but)

Something I discovered is that some phones connect and stay connected, and others connect, transfer data, and disconnect, per operation (ie connect-download a webpage-disconnect).

amaysim clearly indicates they meter data per connection with the 1 MB minimum per connection.

I used my steam powered motorola V9 for an hour trying to browse the web and experimenting. The little screen is what it is and it was not exactly productive, but my charge was a whopping $0.40 for messing around for the hour. I regularly use the V9 as a modem to tether my PC in hotels; I can pay the hotel $19.95 or more for internet service, or spend about $1.20 to $2.00 with amaysim to catch up with email and do lots of web surfing - one connection using the motorola PC software.

If I keep my phone on the web it will only disconnect/connect when service drops out and gets re-established. However, connect-transfer-disconnect phones can ring up charges very smartly.

I don't know if smart phones have a setting on which way to operate, but still worth being aware.
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PostPosted: 03 May 12 19:21
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

Amaysim has now dropped their minute rate from 15c to 12c a minute ,you can't get any cheaper than that ,
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PostPosted: 30 Apr 12 16:11
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

Ive been with Amaysim now for well over a year and the thing i like best is if you recharge before the use by date your credit is extended for 3 months including any unused credit, also call are only 15 cents a minute no connection fees and when you buy your credit at woollies you get 3 months to use the credit .
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PostPosted: 30 Apr 12 10:08
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

As others here have said Amaysim does seem to be the cheapest option. I have had two SIMs for many years with Vodafone on an old “No Plan” plan whereby there is no monthly fees, so for a small (miniscule) user these were fine as my only obligation was to make one call in a year.

I thought these were great, but in hindsight not so great as the call costs (unknown) would have been very expensive. The plan is so old even Vodafone can’t tell me the costs but at a guess it would be a minimum 45¢ flag fall & 99¢ per minute. This compared to Amaysim at no flag fall & 15¢ a minute is very expensive.

Having gone with Amaysim post-paid it would appear that there is still no ongoing monthly fee so I’m far better off. I am about to buy another Amaysim SIM pack & transfer my original number as it’s a “Gold” number (easy to remember).

I changed more so because I bought a smart phone that required data to function fully (Nokia with GPS mapping). Although not vital it does provide added features if data in available. At 5¢ a megabyte it seems an insignificant “extra”.

The one WARNING to be aware of though is how data is calculated! Whilst it’s explained (in the fine print) data is charged at 1MB blocks, this has the down side where even a minimal data download is “rounded out” at 1MB. As I went with the first month as “unlimited” at $39.95 to experiment this isn’t (as yet) a problem as the plan includes 4GB of data. I will drop the unlimited next month.

Checking my usage on-line the data blows the usage way over the “actual” data used. In just one hour of “experimenting” the phones log shows actual data was around 16MB but because of this 1MB block the on-line shows 43MB. This occurs as the phone only uses data for short periods.

This isn’t something to get too concerned about but on the “pay as you go” plan it should be considered. Other providers charge on 1KB blocks which is a far fairer method & this could be construed as somewhat devious.

icon_biggrin.gif :D/ :D/ icon_biggrin.gif
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PostPosted: 17 May 11 17:34
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

I have had terrible service from Amaysim with roaming to NZ. Despite pre-registring for this service it took 3 days of Emails to get connected and then it only lasted i day. Useless.
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gourmet ross

PostPosted: 20 Apr 11 09:23
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

Yes, I am with Amaysim, just need to watch out with the data pack, if you do not tick auto renew, it switches over to 5 cents per meg and most phones update every 15 to thirty minutes, so it can cost you heaps if you are not vigilant.
Prices are good and so far, so is the service. Unused data rolls over if you have auto renew.
Highly reccomended
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PostPosted: 20 Apr 11 06:26
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

I bought a prepaid for $2 and then connected via the net (bringing my old number with me).

Had a little trouble initially when my credit card details were rejected on the net, but upon phoning their help desk, they said all was ok and I had been connected as post-paid.

That was over 2 months ago and they still have not billed me as I have not amassed a total of $15 in call charges.

They have emailed me each month advising that they will bill me when I have a total of $15 worth of calls.

Totally satisfied (and saving a heap on the $30 a month plan I had with my previous telco).
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PostPosted: 19 Apr 11 23:01
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

I also bought an amaysim, $2 and 5 minutes latter I was connected on prepaid. the question is should I stay prepaid or go postpaid? which is better?

a few years ago I was connected with dingoblue, remember this phone co? they were fairly cheap at the time and used to give $30 for you and your friend if you brought a friend, I brought so many friends that I never paid for my phone usage, after a while they went belly up, I just hope that it doesn't happen to amaysim.
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PostPosted: 19 Apr 11 20:47
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

i have now had amaysim for 4mths and extremely happy with it. i orig used an old gsm handset (2G) which worked fine in town (kingaroy) - I didn't test the coverage out of town. I have now purchased an unlocked 3G dual band handset (3G 900/2100 bandwidth). I kept my old Telstra NextG prepaid phone active (3G 850 bandwidth), and have noticed the coverage along the highway between Kingaroy and Brisbane is better with Telstra, although there are areas where no reception is available with either bandwidth - e.g. around the Blackbutt area icon_biggrin.gif eusa_clap.gif . It is a pain to keep two handsets active, but the benefits of Amaysim more than make up for it.
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PostPosted: 17 Apr 11 08:07
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

My partner decided to switch from 3 to amaysim based on my good experience. Porting the number took 5 minutes.

She contacted amaysim a few times with various questions and got people who listened to questions and answered them. They have not lost any of their edge so far. They deserve success. The big telcos would do well contracting amaysim to train their own staff in customer service!
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PostPosted: 27 Jan 11 20:18
Post subject: Any experience with amaysim mobile?

I am so fed up with vodafone i purchased a $2 amaysim and set it up on the web site with a new number and some credit all on air within the hour. i talked with customer service quick to answer and a pleasure to deal with. the plan is simple cheep, the web site and customer service is good. i will be swapping the other phones soon.
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