Ozsale.???.au: A scam??
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PostPosted: 29 Dec 10 16:08
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

I have been on a few online shopping sites but this is the only one where the items are sold out before they go on sale. Most sales start either 6 or 6.30am yet when you log on at these times you will find some items sold out. You will also find that a majority of time the promotional pictures they use are not the items they have for sale. I have tried to post to their forum but they won't publish my complaint, i have tried twice.
This online shopping site is definitely a scam and should be looked into and closed down. How can you sell what you dont have???

NGE Member sema2910
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PostPosted: 30 Dec 10 09:24
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

I have received all the goods I purchased from Ozsale and they have matched the descriptions perfectly. The only slight gripe I have with them is the length of time it takes for shipping. I just received another parcel today and it is exactly as stated on the sale ... great bargains!
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PostPosted: 30 Dec 10 13:46
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

I have been buying brand name products for a fraction of the retail prices from Ozsales for over two years now and am very happy with the variety of the goods on sale and the quality of the products received.

The reason some of the items are sometimes sold out when they go on general sale at 6.30am is because priority members, who have access to the sales from 8pm the night before, have already bought out that item. For a small annual fee any Ozsale member can have this same priority early access to the sales.

If you are not happy with any item purchased a refund to your account, less a $10 return fee, is easily arranged via the website.
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PostPosted: 30 Dec 10 13:58
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

I love Ozsale! Been using that site for about 8 months or so. If I wanted to pay the annual fee I'd be able to access them the night before, so I guess I get what I pay for there.

Found the postage to be pretty good - the only drawback being that they don't post things until 7 - 21 days after the sale ends. So if you buy stuff of on the 1st day of a 1 week sale you end up waiting a little longer.

Still can't argue with 93% off! :D
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PostPosted: 30 Dec 10 14:28
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

I save a lot of money shopping with Ozsale as a paid Priority Member which costs $99.95 per year. Real savings could be in the thousands. It is not unusual for clothing, shoes, etc. to be sold at 70-90% off rrp. Authentic designer goods at bargain prices. I don't know where the information is on their website, but from October this year, priority members have access to sales 10 hours earlier than general (unpaid) members, ie at 8.00pm AEST. Competition for the best bargains is fierce amongst paid priority members so bargain items often sell out within the first 1 minute past 8.00pm. So if you are logging in at 6.30am AEST the best bargains will have been snapped up already by the paid members and you will be competing for what's left with the general members who are waiting fingers at the ready to grab the best bargains as the clock ticks over to 6.30am. It can be disappointing missing out on some of the best bargains, but well worth the $99.95 investment in my opinion.

Like yourself, I have had some problems with communication on the forum and I have experienced other administrative communication issues which have been rather frustrating. There have been 3-4 times when I received the wrong item, wrong size or damaged items, but I have always received a refund eventually. Most of the time, the products are top quality at bargain prices, items are shipped about 2-3 weeks after the sale ends, and any problems are dealt with fairly.

Other sale sites like brandsexclusive.???.au and buyinvite.???.au do not charge membership fees and offer similar sales, but the best bargains get snapped up in the first minutes the sale opens with them as well and like Ozsale the pictures of products they use to promote the sale are sometimes not actually in the sale. Disappointing, but most of the time, what is for sale is worth a look anyway. I renewed my membership with Ozsale this week and have already made a purchase which saved me $60. It doesn't take many orders to recoup the membership investment. (No affiliation with Ozsale, in fact, it's in my interests if you do not become a paid member! I don't need any more competition for the best bargains at 8pm. eusa_shhh.gif )
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PostPosted: 31 Dec 10 05:52
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

Love love love Ozsale, my only gripe as with others here, is the delivery, but I did read the fine print and knew what I was in for. As for product availability and description, I have always recieved as described and if the product is sold out, then too bad, either pay the m'ship fee and get in earlier or simply move on to the next great bargin.
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PostPosted: 15 Jan 11 17:46
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

I just ordered before Christmas and now got an email stating that some items are not available and they can only offer a refund. I think it is some kind of false advertisement to attract people to the site with branded good offer but could not deliver the promise. Think twice before order it again. Very disappointed.
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PostPosted: 28 Jan 11 19:40
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

I've had issues with Ozsale. I purchased 3 gorgeous dresses - HUGE discounts which were very impressive however they were never delivered. I logged an inquiry through the website to no avail then contacted the customer service manager via direct email to no avail then finally took it to consumer affairs. Finally a refund was issued a few months after the purchase was made but it this was only after then had been contacted by consumer affairs on my behalf. The discounts are so impressive however the lack of honesty was a real let down.
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PostPosted: 16 Feb 11 10:52
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

I donít buy from Ozsale anymore. I had no problems for 12 months then i ordered two lots of items in January and they have messed up both orders.

I ordered two items 4 weeks ago, they promise delivery between 7-21 days so I emailed them after 3 weeks and I was informed that delivery by the supplier was delayed and that is why the orders would be delayed. Why didnít they update the order details with this information? I didnít hear anything back until today when they emailed me and said the order is not available anymore and they will refund me. No reason given and they couldnít tell me this a month ago.

They delivered items with incorrect sizes. I received one item in size 12 instead of an Size Small. They also misused the Sizing Chart on the Sale i ordered from by saying Small is 8-10 and Medium is 12-14 and I ordered a Small and they sent me two Size 8's and one Medium. I returned the items and now they are out of stock. They gave me a $10 voucher and then told me they would give me a refund but I have not yet received it. That was 5 weeks ago.
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PostPosted: 20 May 11 10:45
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

I really like the concept of Ozsale, but have had a few disappointments with their customer service.
I understand that the pictures used for the promotion of the brand may not be the stock that is available. My biggest gripe is their lack of a decent description of goods that are for sale. I for one would buy more if there was more information on the items they are selling.
I am a great fan of Raoul handbags, when they had these on sale I bought a couple, one being described as 100% Leather. When it arrived it was canvas with leather handles and trim. I contacted the site through email, but didn't receive any answer, so I googled and scoped out their phone number. I spoke to Jim Lees and he offered me a refund if I returned the item, or a $25.00 credit if I chose to keep the bag. I chose to keep the bag, and Jim said they were aware of the lack of description, and that they were working on it. They had a sale of Raoul again some timelater with the same bag available, and yes, they still had it as 100% Leather!
I have had several no shows of items that I have bought, only to find that they had an incorrect inventory. I find it weird that it happens with monotonous regularity, and I don't like how they item just disappears from your list of Orders without any contact. You have to stay on the ball with what you have ordered or you may just forget about the odd order. I know I buy so much online that keeping track of it all can be a chore.
The other thing I am against with Ozsale is their decision to send a replacement if they can't deliver what you have ordered. Again it was a recent purchase of Raoul handbags. One piece was unable to be sent so they sent a replacement which was so different from what I ordered that I contacted them to say "Don't ever send me a replacement again!" I then had the hassle of going to the post office to return it, and I am still waiting for a refund.
I have to say I love the concept of this site, but they need to improve their customer service, and streamline their returns. I haven't paid get in early because I need to see these areas improved before I invest any more in this site.
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PostPosted: 15 Jun 11 14:42
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

I agree that Ozsale performs unprofessional customer service, furthermore, it takes a few weeks to receive purchased items, they use to happen wrong descriptions with not matched photos which end up returning; or unwanted replacements for discrepancy in system; took so long for a refund; I want to save money but I want what I ordered! and they'll never post any complaints to their forum as well!

After all these, I still bought around $400 from Ozsale in 30 days currently, however, I purchase some Dermablend products on 12/5, I waited for 3 weeks, it finally shown on the tracking from Australia Post that it scheduled to be delivered to me on Fri 3/6, and I did not receive anything from them in the morning, but then, the tracking summary shows that it has arrived to me at 9:54am on the day!!! I was so shocked and I contacted Ozsale as well as Australia Post in the afternoon. Australia Post told me to ask Ozsale to lodge an investigation to them. I then contacted them and they kept telling me that it had been dispatched and signed for, nonononono! I'm not lying!!!! I was so mad to hear something again that I've already knew! They then sent me the copy of the proof of delivery provided by Australia Post.

Anyone can sign for the parcel, but I did not and no one else at home had signed for me!!!I requested them to check with Australia Post, and AP may be able to find out something for me! I mean they must have the files of our past records or so.

Someone might have made a mistake and delivered my parcel to a wrong address, and someone was being dishonest to sign for the parcel and keeping my parcel, but I want my parcel back!

I asked if they have any better suggestions and checked with the Australia Post? did they made an enquiry to the Australia Post for me. Any encouraging reply!? No, they have not replied to me since Tuesday 7th.

I spoke with the deliverer on Thurs 9th when I received my other Ozsale parcel, she said she couldn't remember, but will check for me, I gave her the copy of the proof of delivery provided by Australia Post. However, my family has suggested me to report to the Police, they suspected that the Deliverer might have stolen my parcel. I have been buying from Ozsale and Ebay for years, but it has never happened before with the previous deliverer, who is very nice. Recently, there's a new deliverer who is a contractor with Australia Post, and I realise they're 2-3 different people at times. I'm concerning not only the loss of almost $50, but I also feel being aggrieved as well.

There's still no reply from Ozsale up todate. Don't they think that they have the responsibility to provide any after sales service, support and follow up in this case?
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PostPosted: 18 Jun 11 11:17
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

These guys are unbelievable.
Drama 1
I ordered some bath robes for mothers day a month before the event , they arrived a week after and were incorrect , they supplied Towels!!
I applied for a return , they went back and first up they said they were not all there. After numerous emails they recounted and found the missing ones.
Drama 2
I ordered a $500 watch ( again as a present ) on the 30th April. On the 17th of May I was advised that it was delayed
I asked for the order to be cancelled and was told it was in transit , and to just return it once it arrived and I would be reimbursed.
On the 27th of May I again chased them up and again was told it was on route to me.
Again on the 5th of June chased it up and asked for it to be cancelled as the event it had been ordered for had passed ( a Birthday this time ). Arrived on the 6th and I returned it on the 7th.
I have since been told that they will place credit on my accounnt for it , not refund the money. They are hopeless, lying , incompetant retailers , do NOT go near them. regards
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PostPosted: 02 Aug 11 23:10
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

After having waited almost a month for my latest purchase, yesterday I received an email telling me that their supplier for the jeans I purchased had not enough stock to supply orders.

This comes on the back of waiting a month for another purchase which, after having ordered 5 items I only received 3 and was more or less told that I should be happy with receiving that!

This company seems to have the longest waiting time after ordering than any I have ever dealt with locally.

I can order from the USA or the UK and usually receive my items in half the waiting time.

And OzSale is Sydney based where I live.

I have also started to insist on receiving a refund rather than OzSale credit when returning goods.
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PostPosted: 08 Sep 11 13:46
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

I too have had this problem with ozsale not refunding mony, just giving a credit, even though i did complain to them they would not on two occasions give me a refund, i purchased shoes, that were ill fitting, not that there was anything wrong with manafacturing of them, it was the fact they were not fitting my foot. the size i found smaller than usual.

the promotions are excellent, but the waiting time is approx 3 months , by that time you have nearly forgotten that parcel should be coming. if they are unable to supply with in a couple of weeks at the most, they should not advertise, as they already have the money, the interest in there bank would certainly be adding up.

So buyer beware that the customer service is a bid dodgy
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PostPosted: 27 Sep 11 20:03
Post subject: Ozsale.???.au: A scam??

Where do I start with Ozsale! First out of the 6 different orders I placed with them 3 were incorrect. I was sent the wrong thing 50% of the time? not good enough. How can you run a business when you're constantly getting your customers orders wrong? Then when I asked for my right items I was told they couldn't locate them? I was offered a refund & am still waiting for it, suddenly they are not answering any of my emails & I have been hounding them for over a week. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM OZSALE AGAIN!!!! They don't care about their customers at all. The best thing all unhappy ozsale customers can do is go onto MYWOT.??? & write a review about their experience. I just did this but my review is the only one, this isn't going to do anything let's get more people doing this!! This might prompt them to do something about their crap service.
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