Installing panels, taking too long
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PostPosted: 07 Jul 11 09:53
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

Not even sure we are not being scammed, they will not connect us to the person handling our product, no communication since we ordered this, but we had to make a payment up front, if they are so busy why take on more people , i could have had this done locally and it would be done by now, this company has no concerns for it customers other than what monies it can get..............My sister in another area of the state of vic has also had no communication from them as well , what sort of company is this,... No customer care at all, take the money and run..... eusa_wall.gif
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PostPosted: 07 Jul 11 10:57
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

Hmm.. The name of this company sounds familiar. I think I saw an item on Today Tonight or A Current Affair about this company..

If you can, have the credit card charge reversed by your bank if it has not been too long since you paid them
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PostPosted: 11 Jul 11 10:44
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long


I work for True Value Solar. Our apologize for your poor experience to date. Let me personally assist you with your order. Could you please post you customer reference number? Or alternatively, email me with your customer reference number (i.banas@truevaluesolar.???.au)


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PostPosted: 17 Aug 11 09:59
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

I too have had numerous problems with True Value Solar since entering into an agreement with them to install a solar panel electricity generation system.

Firstly, when I booked the installation I specifically requested that I was the first job of the day so I could minimise the amount of time I had to be at home. I was told the installers would arrive at 8AM. By the time 10AM had arrived I was suitably distressed and after a number of phone calls to True Value Solar's "Customer Care" department I was still unsure of what was going on. I was actually threatened with being charged a fee if I was not home when the installers arrived. After I lost my temper (which takes a lot), I was eventually given an alternative installation date.

On the actual date of installation 2 people turned up. They asked to look at my fuse box (or switchboard as they called it). They instantly informed me that it was not suitable and I would have to pay $850 for a new switchboard. I was shocked by this, and was then informed that it could be done for $750. Smelling a rat I called a friend that is an electrician and he said he could come around and check it out. When I told the installation manager this, he said that they could "just install a $60 switch". I have called the ACCC and told them of this incident.

Today the electrical inspector called to certify the system, and it turns out that the installation team did not leave me with a "Certificate of Electrical Safety" raising questions as to the actual qualifications of the installation team.
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PostPosted: 18 Aug 11 10:56
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

Hi JayB2,

I work for the company in question. This is completely unacceptable on our behalf. Please contact us at your earliest convience, and ask for Isabelle, and I will personally get to the bottom of this situation.
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PostPosted: 19 Aug 11 12:11
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

It seems to be the way True Value Solar work. They want their money up-front then you never hear from them. I ordered a system in May and have never received a call from them. I have made numerous calls and it is like they just read from a script to fob you off - your order is with scheduling. If they ever contact me I will be making it clear that there will be no more money paid until the system is connected to the grid. This demanding full payment before or on the day of installation would be fine for a company with a good reputation - not True Value Solar. I can just see me waiting months more while they 'schedule' this. eusa_wall.gif eusa_wall.gif
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PostPosted: 21 Feb 12 13:05
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

They just contacted me, 3 weeks after taking my $500 deposit, and wanting the rest of the money paid today if I want to pay by credit card, even though she cant give me an installation date...may be 2-3 weeks according to her.

I dont want to pay by bank check on the day as it does not offer the protection CC's offer, and cant understand why she would need the CC payment in full before being allowed to issue an installation date??? Just been burned with Air Australia, so not wanting to loose more!
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PostPosted: 21 Feb 12 15:53
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

> cant understand why she would need the CC payment in full before being allowed to issue an installation date

My cynical side thinks if you give them the credit card now, your window of opportunity for a charge card charge back starts ticking. If in 2~3 weeks they give you an installation date that is 6 weeks off, by the time it is turned on you may not have credit card redress options anymore.
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PostPosted: 24 Feb 12 14:28
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

I'm glad I read this and other reviews on this company. I'm about to buy a house and want to start looking at getting a solar system installed. I have seen the ads for these people appearing on TV.

For those thinking "no worries, I'll use credit card and do a charge back if they take to long", think again! Charge backs aren't just for you to pull a fast one on someone when they take too long after selling you something. The bank administering your credit card will refuse to do this (I know from first hand experience). They will direct you use every other avenue and option possible to resolve the dispute.

Charge backs are for use to counter criminal activity, not just for when you get pi**ed off at a company that doesn't deliver. You're expected to take some degree of care before you go handing out the details over the phone to a sales rep. Just the same as if your ATM card is stolen and money gets drawn out of an ATM, they'll usually replace that money but if you've gone and given someone the PIN (or at least admitted to it) then you're on your own.

Unless it's a complete confirmed criminal scam, not just a slack disorganised supplier, charge back is not an option.
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PostPosted: 24 Feb 12 19:13
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

Degga, that is simply not correct as you have claimed.
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PostPosted: 26 Feb 12 10:07
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

Degga, no that's not correct (although I can see where you're going with this). A bank is obliged to reverse it, however that doesn't mean you're home clear. If there is a legitimate contract between you and a service provider, then they have every right to use appropriate avenues to reclaim the monies. It's not hugely different to paying something in cash, then having someone go back and take it from the cash register.

So, if I bought a Ferrari on my credit card, then when I got it home rang my bank to reverse the cost they would. And I dare say I would get a summons from Ferrari suing me for the amount. If however I had never bought the Ferrari, then I wouldn't. So yes, it's an option - but you'd want to make sure you're in the right - not just using it to get something for nothing.

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PostPosted: 12 Mar 12 16:25
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

If you dint recievw what you have paid for , you can put in a dispute and its then up to the supplier to proof you have received what you paid for...and according to QLD Government they have an obligation to install in a reasonable time frame...I am now at 6 weeks and have not heard back from them since the call asking for the rest of the contract's payment (so 2-3 week time frame already shot), to which I had requested a senior person phone me back to discuss payment 3 days before confirmed installation....
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I'm a NGE Premium Subscriber

PostPosted: 17 Jul 12 18:57
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

I got what i believed a good quote from True Value Solar. I paid a $500 deposit but never received any paperwork or contract or any forms to let my electricity supplier know I wanted to connect to the grid. I called them on many occasions but no one got back to me. I even sent a letter by registered post and tracked it was delivered but still no call or paperwork. Then the WA based installers contacted with an installment date, 13th July, which was actually within the time frame originally stated so I was pleased and went ahead, but the job was done by cowboys who were kick boxing on my roof! They wouldn't answer my queries and basically couldn't leave quick enough. I had to come home from work as my husband was about to knock the block off one of them. So my system is installed, but I have no idea how or if it works or if I need a new meter box. I have a usage meter that the electrician was supposed to get started but he just bolted saying stop worrying mate. The customer service is rubbish. I emailed Friday and no one has called me. They just don't care. I wish I never used them. I have emailed Synergy maybe they can help. I suppose my next electricity bill will show if the system is working or not. icon_mad.gif
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PostPosted: 08 Aug 12 11:47
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

True Value Solar definitely the worst company for years I have dealt with. They do not reply to all questions you ask, just what is convenient for them. They want to charge me 200 dollars to come out and look at a mark on one of my panels. The switches all got water in them and have been replaced 3 times. They drilled holes in the switches to let the water out. 4 times they told me over 4 months someone would come to fix the switches and at last they came last week. The people who have come here all tell me the installation was really bad. They employ untrained people, cause damage, and leave defects that delayed my solar connection over 1 mth. Unfortunately now we do not have real Inspectors just contracted we do not have a leg to stand on. If they go broke I will not be unhappy. Rip off merchants because our Government gives them thousands for nothing as usual and they all jump in on the bandwagon for a freebie, like the pink bats safety switches and power board isolators.
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getting old n whingy

PostPosted: 27 Aug 12 13:49
Post subject: Installing panels, taking too long

Hi All
we too agreed for a true value solar system on 21 St May 2012 paid upfront our $500.00 deposit for our system, we still have no copy of any so called contract, although we had requested one on numerous occassions inclusive along with us agreeing to our deposit also covered any grid connection fees inclusive if applicable, still no contract still no advice on instalation date, noting our installed system is now obsolete as True Value has changed the panels they are supplying with the latest advertised systems at the same or cheaper never too be repeated prices, that they gave us HA HA back in May.
where does false & misleading advertising come in & have the previous complaints been satisfied by True Value as no post to confirm True Value Got of their office chairs in Polite terms, I believed Esendon football club or similar backed these people, well we are certainly ready to kick their ball s too. eusa_boohoo.gif eusa_boohoo.gif
phone calls never returned emails never answered???
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