Dick Smith loses a customer for life
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PostPosted: 20 Oct 11 15:43
Post subject: Dick Smith loses a customer for life

I received the most disgraceful treatment at the hands of a manager in Dick Smith, Booval, Qld today. I had taken a faulty product back for refund and received treatment such as I have never encountered in a retail store. The manager was belligerent and provocative suggesting I was a liar and/or stupid. He mocked me when I said that I had every right to a refund and would take it further if I did not receive one saying, 'Good luck with that'.

I have written to DSE Head Office expressing my outrage. I will never purchase another product from Dick Smith.
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PostPosted: 14 Nov 11 19:30
Post subject: Dick Smith loses a customer for life

I went to Dick Smith here in Grand Central Toowoomba.
I wanted to buy a set top box for my mother, the female assistant has a look on the computer and said that there were 8 in stock. After 10 minues of looking she came back abd said that she could not find them, I waited another 15 minuted and she could not find them.
Dick Smith has also lost me as a customer they are hopeless, just a electronic supermarket.
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PostPosted: 14 Nov 11 20:30
Post subject: Dick Smith loses a customer for life

Dick Smith are in terminal decline. After taking out the 'electronics' from Dick Smith Electronics the stores have become a jumble sale of over priced laptops and obsolescent mobile phones. The writing is on the wall. Who on earth would buy from them? The sales staff know bugger all about the products they sell and they're not competitive. Woolworths are considering selling the brand to someone else, but who would make an offer? Woolworths have only themselves to blame. They told ardent electronics enthusiasts to go take a hike, so they did and Jaycar and Altronics are filling the void quite nicely, thank you. DSE stopped turning out a yearly catalogue and their website is now a poorly constructed selection of consumer bits and pieces. Once they started selling electric woks and toasters I knew that their days were numbered. The last time I went to a LARGE DSE store I asked where the electronics section was. The assistant replied "We don't carry electronics any more. We don't have room for it. You'll need to try one of the smaller stores."
What?? How does that work?
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PostPosted: 14 Nov 11 20:41
Post subject: Dick Smith loses a customer for life

Bumpkin is spot on...if you want electronics go to Jaycar where you will find staff that are cluey and enthuiastic about their work. Also a great range of gear. I have been a fan of Jaycar for years and have never been disappointed. Dick Smith's lost their way a long time ago and are beyong salvation now.
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PostPosted: 15 Nov 11 09:29
Post subject: Dick Smith loses a customer for life

I agree. The knowledge and customer service at Dick Smith's is well below par. However, it is quite the opposite at The Good Guys. There, I have found staff who are interested and knowledgeable about their products and only too willing to take time to assist customers. Further, they do not try to sell you a product that would be unsuitable - i.e. a digital radio to someone living in central Victoria where there is no digital reception!
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PostPosted: 15 Nov 11 10:03
Post subject: Dick Smith loses a customer for life

All these people who are running down Dick Smith mustn't read the papers or have no brain at all. Dick Smith sold all his shops and the name. He has nothing to do with the stores. Dunderheads and brainless.
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PostPosted: 15 Nov 11 10:42
Post subject: Dick Smith loses a customer for life

Drogheda you must be the dunderhead. Nowhere in these posts is anyone running down Dick Smith personally, only 'Dick Smith Electronics' stores. IMHO, it is only since Dick sold his interest in the DSE stores that they went into decline.
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PostPosted: 15 Nov 11 10:44
Post subject: Dick Smith loses a customer for life

Drogheda, no one is suggesting that the stores are still run by Dick Smith himself. The chain is owned by Woolworths, and latest news is that it's under performing and that WOW is thinking of divesting. It's silly of you to call people brainless when you yourself haven't bothered to read the comments properly. icon_sad.gif
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PostPosted: 20 Nov 11 11:53
Post subject: Dick Smith loses a customer for life

I also made the mistake of buying a portable dvd player (their own brand) from Dick Smiths , some months ago. I recently tried out the SD card from my camera to look at my photos, only to find that it didnt work. Although it was obvious it hadn't worked from the start,and I didnt know this as I didnt have an sd card until recently. they wouldn't replace or refund it, and it had to go for repair. It returned after 2 weeks, and still didnt work, so back it went again. Senario repeated again, and I still dont have it. How many times must I put up with this before I can say that it is not fit for the purpose, and get a Refund ? Dick Smith is history for this little black duck, Jayco here I come.
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PostPosted: 20 Nov 11 12:57
Post subject: Dick Smith loses a customer for life

Just a quick question, is your SD card a HD card ?? some card readers will not read the HD cards, so it might not be compatible and therefore there just might not be anything wrong with the DVD player . I'm not defending Dick Smiths just trying to help you work out the problem ?

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I'm a NGE Premium Subscriber

PostPosted: 12 Dec 11 22:55
Post subject: Dick Smith loses a customer for life

Yes, DSE have lost Me as a customer too. Although I went there mostly for electronic parts etc, I have also bought TVs, mobile phones and scanner/printers etc from there.

After I found all the electronic parts and bulk wire/cables etc all gone from the local store, I now have no reason to go into the shop.
I prefer Harvey Normans anyway... for electrical goods..

also, My cameras take SD cards and will not work with the new HD cards..

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