Heritage Bank - People First fail!
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PostPosted: 28 Nov 14 09:44
Post subject: Heritage Bank - People First fail!
Organisation name: Heritage Bank
Issue type: Complaint

As a long time customer with Heritage Bank with multiple products and really good service, I just had cause to make a telephone inquiry just for help in obtaining one Statement (1 Page) that was not available online for unknown reason? so a to provide to the Australian Tax Office on Heritage setup fees.

I took the day off so no fax at home I was told to attend a Branch Office 12Klms away or signed fax request with (7) days normal processing time for this statement that should be viewable online for me just to hit the print button.

I had been over the phone verified twice on the telephone but this is not acceptable apparently. The Operator had the actual statement on her screen but would not assist in providing that statement other than attempting to help me through my online banking to see the statement and for unknown reasons the statement was not being shown.

During this time my request to speak to a supervisor / manager was not acted on however I was advised over the 40 minute conversation the so called manager was on and off the phone. I suspect I was not important enough for him to actually assist me. I was warned by a Branch Manager to wherever possible ring the Branch first as I suspect my Manager knew I might be disappointed with the Toowoomba Head Office.

Heritage in my case, the online accounts only go back a certain period ending in Jan 2012 and the rest is no longer for unknown reasons that is not resolved so if you are reliant on accessing these records over this period then you will be in trouble as I now find myself in.

Bottom line is the online accounts are showing customers limited information and cannot be relied upon. If you have any need, then be prepared to do the running around followed by a week wait for a statement that the operator can see on the screen. This is the one you would normally just see and hit print at home. I mentioned in my business had a long term and known customer had rung me the decision to help would have been rather simple. I now have to wait until the end of the day just to see if an e-mail will arrive or not.

I was asked to place internal feedback as the Manager would see this so I mentioned to Heritage operator I would post here as I felt from the telephone conversation the Manager would not be bothered with me nor could I seek to speak to gain an appreciation of my request. This Manager resides in the Head Office Toowoomba so may not actually understand the Customer First motto here hence posting so anyone contemplating Heritage Products online can be warned of my experience.
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