TCS Digital TV?
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PostPosted: 11 Mar 09 14:02
Post subject: TCS Digital TV?

analogue transmission i think is ceasing in 2011
So you will have plenty of time to get a tv/antenna.

glad you said go away more or less.
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PostPosted: 02 Mar 09 11:38
Post subject: TCS Digital TV?

I just had a lady from TCS visit my front door, to tell me that analogue TV is not going to be available for much longer, and that I need to switch to Digital right away. I said I was not interested......

I cannot find any record of TCS digital TV services? I assumed she was going to sell me some kind of service like foxtel, or a TV, as that is what she had a picture of in her hand. Has anyone heard anything about TCS? Know who they are/are they for real, or a scam? Thanks.
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