Uretek could blow your house up!
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PostPosted: 01 Apr 10 19:56
Post subject: Uretek could blow your house up!
Organisation name: Uretek
Issue type: Complaint

Yes, my wife and I almost lost our house thanks to this organisation and what they conveniently omitted to tell us about their product, Uretek, which is used to stabilise buildings and other structures as a result of subsidence issues. The company deliberately failed to inform us that, when the substance - think hair mousse - is exposed to oxygen and cracks open, it spontaneously ignites causing a fire! Well, ignite it did, and it took an MFB fire unit to put out the fire, after having cut a huge square hole in our lovely and impossible to replace floor-boards. I have the photos to prove it! Uretek were complete bastards to us - they never even apologised to u - ultimately threatening injunction proceedings against us if we tried to warn other consumers about the dangers with their product. Nasty, nasty! JDC.
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PostPosted: 10 May 10 03:26
Post subject: Uretek could blow your house up!
Organisation name: Uretek
Issue type: Comment

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I was most interested in your post and have cut and pasted it in another relevant forum at


Sorry you had such a bad experience with Uretek, followed by outrageous client baiting on their part, it seems. I had heard on separate matter that Uretek 'take no prisoners' so your post interested me not least because of the similarity in let's call it 'style'! I had a very good experience with Urathane Solutions Pty. Ltd. in Adelaide, and they work in Melbourne too, doing their own patented Australian process.

Well done to you and your wife for trying to get some kind of rough online justice in what must have been an unhappy time for you both. Shades of 'blame the victim' from Uretek I think. Best wishes that you put this bad experience with Uretek behind you quickly. Cheers.
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